Laidlaw & Company is not just another run-of-the-mill investment companies which attracts every kind of investor you might possibly imagine. Laidlaw’s also a place that attracts many ivy league school graduates, ones who are looking to build their resume with the best of the best.
If you are one of these graduates you need to listen up. There are at least two major things you need to brush up on. If you are lucky to get a meeting with one of their big wigs, consider yourself lucky. There are many who wish they had the chance for this dream. In order to help you not screw this initial meeting up, we have at least 2 tips to offer you. These tips will help you shine above all the others.

1)Please know something about this company before going in for the first meeting.  Whether it has SEC validation and other requirements. Yes, there is a first meeting. If they like you enough, than they will ask you to come back. One way to secure that second meeting is to know everything you can about the company. The homework portion of this interview is just beginning. The more you have to show them, the more likely you will be asked back for that second meeting and beyond.

2)Speak in the required lingo. You have to know all the right ways to explain a potential financial problem. You have to know the proper lingo to use with them. This is called “going the extra mile”. You don’t have to be up-to-date on everything. Obviously, the more you know, the better your chances will be.

You put away your “school bonnet”. Now it’s time to put on your “business bonnet”. If you dress and act the part, you will nail the role.

This is purely business with Laidlaw. You want to become part of their extended family, it’s time to show them you are here to have their back.

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