Human Rights In Today’s World

In today’s world both people and governments are expected to live up to certain expectations. People are expected to adhere to a certain moral code that includes not using violence unless absolutely necessary, refraining from stealing items that belong to other members of their society and in general going to a job each day in order to provide for them and their family’s needs. In the same way, governments are also expected to behave ethically. Naiton governments in today’s world are expected to submit provide good government that takes into account the needs of the people in their societies. Elected officials are expected to allow the citizens of their nation to get a say in how their society is governed as well as the right to switch governments when they so desire.

Governments that do not adhere to such rules will often both national and international condemnation on a wide scale. In the modern world, it is now easier than ever to point out where a government has failed to address the needs of the people they are expected to govern. Many forms of media exist in order to allow people to offer criticism of their government as well as governments abroad. In this way, people around the world have set up a form of international human rights that many people around the world find compelling and necessary to have. The criticisms offered of places that do not live up to such ideals can take many varied forms including criticism from those living in such societies as well as from those who may have once lived there but no longer do so at the present time.

One person who has done much to help advanced the cause of international human rights is Ms. Yeonmi Park. Ms.Yeonmi Park was born on in the nation of North Korea. North Korea is one of the world’s worst run places according to every measure. Many North Koreans find it hard to get enough to eat each day, a problem that has been largely directly caused by the senseless policies of those in charge of the state who have done very little to help provide for the needs of the people living there.¬†Yeonmi Park was able to escape this terrifying regime and live to tell her story to others all around the world. Her words have helped draw attention to this part of the world and the problems found there.

She has joined many other people who have also tried to draw world attention to this area of the world in order to help point out how the government has done much to harm the people living there. In the last several decades, the people of North Korea have experienced many terrible hardships and faced all kinds of serious problems, problems largely caused directly by the actions of the Communist government here and the utter indifference and lack of caring that many leaders of this nation have unfortunately shown to the people living there.

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