Hurricane Evacuations: Often Ignored, but Very Important


Some seem to feel that the imminent threat of a natural disaster is not enough of a motivator for one to take evasive action. Some 42% of individuals feel that the decision to evacuate would depend on the severity of the storm, even if they were asked to evacuate by authorities and evacuation was considered to be mandatory according to a study by Plymouth Rock Assurance published by AccuWeather.

Much of this unwillingness to evacuate stems from the fact that most are simply too afraid to abandon their homes. A home is a sense of identity, and many have felt that they were able to weather through a storm successfully in the past – so they feel that a new hurricane would most likely not put them in harm’s way. Many also want to stay behind so that they will be able to protect their property.

Those whom have experienced a severe storm in the past are more likely to evacuate – especially in light of Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy has resulted in the losses of many homes and lives. Those individuals have also seen the powerful impact of storm surge – the increase in wave activity near coastal areas. Thus, many whom have witnessed Sandy’s impact are unwilling to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Plymouth Rock Assurance is an insurance underwriter which provides property and casualty services to homeowners. The company is a group of companies which underwrite both property and casualty policies alike. The company paid out $121 Million in insurance claims in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. They have underwritten $1.11 Billion in insurance policies, and the volume of insurance which they provide to their customers is expanding at an ever-increasing pace.

The company was founded by James Stone. According to the executive’s Wiki he was first a Harvard Economics professor. He is the current chairman of the company, and began his career as a consultant to the industry while a professor at Harvard. He wrote one of the standard papers used by the Casualty Actuarial Society on insurance of catastrophic risk. He is also a donor to the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Research Laboratory and serves on the Board of Management Sciences in Health.

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