Hussain Sajwani’s Leadership leads to the Success of DAMAC Properties

An entrepreneur is always geared towards achieving success through all means possible. Nevertheless, excellent leadership skills come in handy. By making an example out of Hussain Sajwani, it is notable that his superb leadership is what has led DAMAC Properties to where it is today. Far from that, it is evident that media houses like to engage various successful individuals in interviews. With that as the case, Hussain Sajwani was recently interviewed by Ideamensch. In this context, more light will be shed on what Hussain Sajwani had to say during the interview.

Background Data

Hussain Sajwani has come a long way while trying to shape his life into what it is today. As for education, Hussain Sajwani went to the University of Washington where he studied Economics and Industrial Engineering. Far from that, Hussain Sajwani had a passion for entrepreneurship. While embarking on his journey as an entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani saw it fit to delve into the catering industry. Fortunately, the catering business had a huge client base, and Hussain Sajwani’s dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur was already unfolding before his eyes. Nevertheless, Hussain Sajwani felt that he could achieve more, that is why he also resorted to launching a real estate company in 2002.

DAMAC Properties is founded

In an article from, an entrepreneur is always tasked with identifying opportunities when it comes to business. As for Hussain Sajwani, he had the ambition of becoming a billionaire one day. Since the catering company only rendered him as a millionaire, he did not have the sense of self-fulfillment. With that as the case, Hussain Sajwani knew that he had to rack his brains and come up with a more viable plan. After foreigners were given the go-ahead by the Dubai government rendering them capable of owning property and land in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani saw the opportunity that had presented itself. In such a case, hesitation is not an option, Hussain Sajwani immediately founded DAMAC Properties. The property management company has been dealing in luxury apartments and such properties since 2002. Their client base has been expanding day in day out, thanks to their handy work over the years. After all, what matters most is customer satisfaction. Whenever the clientele is satisfied, those are always bonus points as per the company’s portfolio.

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