Invention And Necessity: The Brilliance Of Dr. Saad Saad

Innovation and creation are two words that a trusted and qualified pediatrician would utilize in their practice. Doctor Saad Saad has displayed such qualities with his dedicated service and his life-saving medical inventions. Aside from being phenomenal in his practice, Doctor Saad Saad has become a very popular figure in pediatric circles the world over.


For more than 40 years. Doctor Saad Saad performed complex pediatric surgery on patients the world over. Aside from participating in 4 medical missions in the United States as well as 8 medical missions to Jerusalem in the West Bank to provide his services to poor children in need of complex surgeries. It is to be noted that he did this for free. A rare quality is that when a doctor makes an invention the patents are usually given away or some other instance may take place. But such is not the case with Doctor Saad Saad as he presently holds both patents for his medical inventions.


His first invention is a device that allows the doctor to locate a catheter in the patient’s body in a new way. This is basically tubes placed into the human body to deal with medical conditions or assist with performing surgical procedures. Doctors would usually find the catheter by using an MRI( magnetic resonance imaging) or an x-ray to track the Catheter. What is obvious about an MRI machine is that they are not compact in size and therefore not able to be moved around. This is where Dr. Saad Saad invention became the star of the show.


His second invention deals with the doctor being able to provide suction through the endoscope. With this invention, Dr. Saad Saad developed an invention to improve the use of endoscopes. With an endoscope, a doctor has a device that is able to look inside the body of a patient during examination with surgery. Whether it be the windpipe, the colon, the stomach or even the throat. The doctor has a visual of what is going on in the body without using surgical tools or any type of body scan. With such an operation there is always the possibility of the lens being fogged up due to liquids within the body, so Dr. Saad Saad addressed that very issue. As the inventor he clearly is, he resolves that issue with his invention. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad understands that prior to any invention must be a need for such invention. The doctor has given to the Pediatric world at large two great inventions that are sure to stand the test of time today. The recovery process of the patients is the goal that motivated the Doctor to beautifully design such inventions with patience.

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