Investing in Brazil: Why Brazil is attracting more investors

Brazil is one of the world’s populous nations with over 200 million inhabitants. The country boosts of incredible weather that helps the agricultural sector in the country to flourish. Brazil is the home to the Amazon River. Brazil’s economy has been on a continuous rise in the recent past and analysts believe it will soon be the fifth largest economy in the world. Investors from around the world are investing in Brazil. This has been pushed by a number of factors.

1) Large Market
Large market offered by the over 200 million people is one of the major reasons why Brazil is attracting a number of investors. No matter what industry one invests it, he or she will always benefit from the large population. The population has over one million multi millionaires. Apart from the huge number of millionaires, the country also has rapidly expanding middle class.

2) Democracy and peace
Brazil enjoys democratic systems. The country elects its leaders through democratic processes ensuring a peaceful environment. Unlike other countries with large population, Brazil does not have terror attacks. This means that investments are always safe. Brazilians are also friendly to foreigners as was witnessed during the 2014 FIFA world cup that was hosted in the country.

3) Availability of loans
Reforms in the country have also led to better business environment. The country once had one of the highest interest rates in the world. The government has helped to reduce the interest rates. Currently, interest rates in Brazil are competitive world wide. Competitive interest rates means cheap source of funding for investors.

4) Boom in real estate
The boom in real estate industry is another reason why investors are interested in Brazil. After stagnations in the 1980s and 90s, the real estate industry in Brazil is on the rise once again. The prices in the industry are still lower that prices in most countries making it the ideal place to invest in for investors who are interested in real estate. The country has shortage in new homes and quality accommodation.

BRL Trust is an investment company in Brazil. It acts as a trustee and is currently involved in at least 800 transactions. The transactions have a total value of over R $ 4.5 billion. The company was founded in 2005 and managed to grow to 100 loans within its first year. Rapid growth over the past 10 years has seen the BRL Trust rise to be one of the most important players in financial services in Brazil.

Investing in Brazil promises investors lots of returns. The fast growing economy supported with lager population assures investors with a large market. The Brazilian government also ensures investors enjoy good business environment.

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