Investment Advice from some of the Best Investors of all Time


When it comes to investing there is a lot of different advice that people can use to risk their money in the market. However, the following information has been made available from the most profitable investors in the world. Here is a look at some of the strategies that they used to become extremely wealthy.

Jack Bogle

Jack Bogle has been around for a very long time and he made his fortune during the World War II era. Bogle believes that fees are the biggest barrier to making huge profits through investments. Bogle uses the strategy that low (investment) costs is key to success. He has literally made $2.6 million dollars with his Vangaurd Group by using this strategy.

Sir John Templeton

Sir John Templeton was another mogul from the 20th century who made his fortune by investing in the market. Templeton amassed a fortune of $2 million dollars from the $10,000 he invested in 1954. Templeton’s strategy focused on buying investments when things are going wrong and selling them when things start to get better. He did not believe in the conventional wisdom of buying and selling like everyone else. His Templeton Growth Fund continues to use his strategy and is still able to generate at least 18% return for many years.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is a household name and he is known for his wealth. He encourages investors to put their money into what they understand and he also asks them to make investments at the right price. Buffet was taught his investment strategy from Ben Graham. Mr. Graham instructed his pupils that they were not buying into stocks or a particular investment; they were buying a business. This advice by Graham has played a large role with him acquiring his $65 billion dollar fortune.

Madison Street Capitol

Madison Street Capitol is an investment firm and banker that focuses its primary strategy on middle-market investments. This organization uses strategies such as asset allocation, dollar-cost averaging, investment selection and not timing the market. Madison Street Capitol works with corporations, businesses and various industries.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Nathan Mayer Rothschild believes that information is money. He encourages investors to stay tuned into the market trends and he also believes that information is money. Rothschild also considers high-yielding shares in private equity firms. Rothschild has made his fortune by using his own advice.

Sam Zell

Sam Zell is an investor who believes that losers can be lucrative. He looks for companies with bad balance sheets with the hopes that they can be salvaged. This type of thinking has been able to help Zell to build up his empire. He firmly believes that a carefully chosen bad company will be able to bounce back and earn significant revenues.

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