Investment Management – What is it and how can Matthew Autterson Help?

Once you’re able to save yourself a bit of money, there’s that daunting next step of figuring out how best to invest it. While there is a good argument behind investing in yourself, such as by furthering your education or by getting that business startup going, a lot of people tend to find investing in preexisting marketplaces to be one of the most beneficial decisions to make. In such a case, they rely on the help of a knowledgeable manager to steer them in the right direction.

Now, here begs the question of just what is investment management? In the case of most people, they will deal with investment management in the form of a 401k plan where their money is taking the investment management form of a mutual fund. Those who work with the fund are known as investment managers and they often work alone or with a team to figure out the right stocks and bonds to make up that company’s particular fund. You can also receive valuable advice from such a manager, which is the case of working with someone like Matthew Autterson.

Matthew Autterson, or Mark as he likes to be called, serves through his principal role as a Wealth Advisor at WIN Wealth Management. His primary role in the esteemed company is helping his clients by connecting their financial goals with a meticulously planned out investment strategy that differs by the individual’s unique situation. Some of the things Matthew Autterson helps his clients with is compiling the right risk profile for their investment portfolio needs and periodic consultations to ensure that things continue to run smoothly within their accounts, even during economically troubling times.

Other specialties of Matthew Autterson have to do with helping clients with tax related issues and with time sensitive topics like estate planning. He is a fully licensed Life Insurance Agent, on top of his general title, and makes it a point to regularly consult with his clients on long-term care and other health related issues.


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