Is Major Surgery Necessary for Back Pain?

Back pain is responsible for so much more than just- well, pain. Missed days of work. Loss of income. It limits social activities as well as mobility. And, of course, there is the pain.

In the past, bulging disc and nerve pain could only be helped by complicated major back surgery. Painful incisions, long recovery periods and major scarring were the results. But, times have changed and medical advances now make it possible to live pain-free with minimal down-time and tiny incisions that require nothing more than a Band-Aid.

For instance, North American Spine uses AccuraScope technology. A tiny incision, an x-ray guided fiber optic scope and a natural opening in the spine all combine to allow surgeons to look for ruptured discs, tears and spinal problems. Since the x-rays are live, the surgeon has a real-time look at what is causing the pain.

Spinal surgery centers today offer so many ways to fix back pain. Lasers are used to get rid of scar tissue, repair damaged discs and to fix conditions that cause painful nerve pressure.

Patients can expect down-time to reduce from weeks (versus other minimally invasive procedures)to days. Risk of infection from complicated wounds is nearly obsolete. Usually, a small bandage is all a patient needs after the procedure. In under a week (in most cases) patients can be back at work, pain free.

For some cases, minimally invasive procedures are not the optimal treatment. Chronic pain cannot be fixed by AccuraScope technology. For these cases, a team of doctors using diagnostic procedures like pain-mapping and selective nerve root block, can decide which options would be best for relieving pain and restoring mobility.

Many times a neurosimulator implanted in back can relieve or even stop pain. By using stimulation that blocks pain signals from being sent to the brain, patients can finally find relief from their debilitating pain.

Most people suffer through many procedures before finding the actual source of their pain. With facet medial branch blocking, endoscopic disc stimulation and provocative arthrography diagnosis, there is no reason for a person to endure multiple painful attempts to find the pain.

The incredible diagnostic avenues available at spinal surgery centers lessen the need for multiple procedures. This lessens the costs of lost work time. It lessens the loss of income. And it lessens the multiple co-pays from multiple surgeries. Not to mention, the recovery time is much shorter.

The choice today is pretty clear. A hollow needle that inserts a laser into the neck or thoracic spine, minimal pain, minimal down time. Or a fusion of the vertebrae in the neck. A large wound. Risks of infection and resulting limited mobility. In the lumbar back, a tiny incision, a catheter, a guided scope and laser. Or, a large incision, bone shavings, rods and long recovery time.

The choice is clear. Spinal surgery centers, including North American Spine, are the best option for relief from chronic back pain. Patients should consider today’s minimally invasive surgery for their pain.

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