Is QNET Manufacturing Hub Relocation To India A Lucrative Business Decision Or Not?

QNET is among the group of successful online multi-level marketing models that made a fortune since its official startup in 1998. It’s a reputable, wholly owned company creating employment for young professionals through a variety of marketing solutions. Web marketing economist’s described it as the fastest-growing online shopping marketplace and business networking platform. QNET operates out of Hong Kong, China and governs a chain of subsidiaries across international shores. Its presence in Asia hasn’t gone unnoticed. The latest development is QNET’s move into India. The company’s head Vijay Eswaran have remained optimistic and passionate about nursing this ambition.

The company has expanded existing options and launched a variety of new health and lifestyle products. QNET accepts marketing representatives from different corners of the globe. Their socio-economic stance, race, age, and gender aren’t factoring determinants. Young adults often express a passion for the cause and make up the greater workforce population. QNET employs a dynamic strategy in direct selling, retailing and pyramid marketing. The company avails cutting-edge resources and tools to give young entrepreneurs the ammunition they need to become successful marketing professionals. The network marketing model that QNET promises to compensate registered members generously. The opportunities involve trivial marketing and retailing of an array of branded merchandise.

QNET manages a chain of e-Commerce stores online. The international marketplace promotes a rich selection of everyday essentials ranging from supplements to lifestyle supplies. In a recent press release, QNET respondents elaborated on the India expansion. According to media releases, QNET is shifting the production side of the business to India mainly to cut manufacturing cost. The company already has stores in India according to QNET’s regional CEO Suresh Thimiri who manages the India franchise. Some of the brand’s signature launches are its jewelry line and Nutriplus, a powerful energy supplement. Thimiri revealed attractive savings scaling from 8-12% should the expansion drive a positive outlook.

Of all their businesses, QNET fiscal reports show impressive revenue forecasts from its India-based franchises. Last year alone, recorded profits reached an estimated 100% and growth patterns are steady. The company intends to organize and develop a platform dedicated to Indian inventors wanting to share their ideas with the world. QNET intends to introduce a quality assessment model to guarantee a selection of the best talents. At present, QNET marketing professionals earn a commission which is calculable using several determining factors. The sales volume and referrals are the primary considerations the company takes into account when compensating independent representatives.

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