Jaime Garcia Dias Looks To His Own Past For Teaching Future Writers

Jaime Garcia Dias has been one of the top names in Brazilian literature for a number of years and continues to be held up as the pinnacle of a certain style of writing in the South American country. After publishing more than 20 books and novels he has been honored in many ways, but perhaps the achievements he has been most proud of are those from his time as a teacher and President of the Carioca Literature Academy. The writer has been seeking out the best options available to extend the reach and skills of his students over the course of his teaching career, which have included looking back at the way his father pushed him to become a better writer during his childhood and adolescence.

The career of Jaime Garcia Dias is put in full on CrunchBase, and has seen the writer become one of the most respected authors in Brazil and has found international success with his much loved novels. At a relatively young age Garcia Dias found international fame when he won the White Crane award, this respected literary award saw the novel “Fell From Heaven” published around the world as the winner of the award. The author continued his teaching career as he worked on more than 20 books over the course of the next decade and continues to write on a regular basis.

The teaching career of Jaime Garcia Dias has been one of success throughout the last two decades, something he frequently writes about on his Blog. In 2007, the 100th anniversary of the Carioca Literature Academy was celebrated with the election of a new president as Jaime Garcia Dias took control of the future direction of the school. The Carioca Literature Academy has seen its focus shift towards journalism and fiction writing as the leadership of Garcia Dias has taken the school in a new direction. In 2013, Jaime Garcia Dias has embarked on a new area of his career, which sees him writing a regular chronicle that looks back on his childhood and honors the father who inspired his literary career.

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