James Dondero Executive with Deep Understanding of Financial Markets

The finance industry is one of the most competitive as well as challenging, and there are many companies out there that are trying to reign at the top of the industry. However, to achieve big in the financial sector, one needs to have expertise, vision, and experience. And, these are the qualities that the highly acclaimed financial executive, James Dondero, does have. He is well-known for co-founding one of the most successful financial companies in the United States, Highland Capital Management. It is a company that offers a broad range of financial services such as hedge funds, mutual funds, commercial loans, and institutional services, retirement planning services, financial consultancy, and more.

James Dondero has played a very integral role in the success of Highland Capital Management. The company has achieved massive success under the leadership of James Dondero. He has worked for numerous companies and tried many business ventures in the financial industry before actually starting up Highland Capital Management. He is known for having an eye for detail and a good hold on the market movements, which has enabled him to take strategic business decisions many times. James Dondero’s financial and business strategy has proven to be successful for not only Highland Capital Management, but for many of his clients and partners as well. He has managed to give his clients significant returns even during the tumultuous financial market.

It is his efforts and long-term vision that has made Highland Capital Management one of the pioneers in the commercial market today. It has over $20 billion in asset under management currently and is one of the most respected finance companies today. Before co-founding Highland Capital Management, he has managed $1 Billion for American Express as well. He has also played a significant role in increasing the net market value of Protective Life’s GIV Subsidiary firm to over $2 Billion. James Dondero has worked for some of the most respected financial companies in the past, such as American Express and JP Morgan. It is what has helped him understand the world of finance so intimately, and have the ability to make decisions that are worth millions in profits.

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