James Dondero Highland Capital Q3

Recently Highland Capital Management filed its quarterly report with the SEC to reveal its latest position in terms of hedge fund holdings. According to recent data, Highland Capital Management has hedge fund holdings of over 3 billion dollars. However this amount is less than the previous quarter so the firm has downsized in terms of hedge fund holdings. Either way the firm’s recent hedge fund holdings make up 22% of its assets. During the last quarter, Highland Capital Management has acquired new positions to help diversify its asset portfolio. Over the last few months, Highland Capital Management has acquired well over 60 new stocks to make up as well as improve its overall investment portfolio.

As well as acquiring a number of new stocks, Highland Capital Management has made some increases with certain industries. In fact, the firm has made a 2 percent increase in the number of holdings it has in the information technology sector. It has also acquired more shares and holdings in companies in industries such as aviation, marketing, finance and space. As a result the firm has diversified its holdings to help increase the value of its hedge fund and help maintain its prosperity. While Highland Capital Management has acquired new holdings it has also sold off some of them in order to make room for the new ones.

Highland Capital Management was founded by Jim Dondero. Over the last 22 years Jim has provided leadership, vision and innovation in the financial sector. He has came up with collateralized loan obligations in order to help businesses more effectively manage debt. Dondero has also organized his firm to offer a number of key services such as wealth management, equities and hedge funds. These services allow James to help high net worth clients make more money with their investments.

While James Dondero has founded a very successful investment firm he began his career like many others who started their own company. James first went to college to study finance and accounting at the University of Virginia. At this university he would graduate with two bacherlor’s degrees and earn top honors as well. After completing his education, he would then start his career as an entry level financial professional. Later on in his career he would then become a chief investment officer where he would manage over a billion dollars in assets. Dondero is an active philanthropist during his spare time.

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