James Dondero Reveals Highland Capital Managements’ Plan On Argentina’s New Bonds

James Dondero is a business and investment expert with over 30 years of practice in the credits markets and equities sector. James Dondero has worked for various prominent business organizations before he went own to form his own firm, Highland Capital Management. During his time in this prominent business entities, he held various prominent positions where he was able to acquire the necessary experience needed in an investor.

Argentina recently announced that it will be returning to the international in a bid to sell 11.68 billion worth of stocks. The will be releasing stocks with a maturity period ranging between 5, 10 and 30 years to the international stock markets. James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management later followed this announcement with an announcement of their own. James Dondero, the president and chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management, says that his firm will be among the biggest buyers of the country’s stocks.

Argentina’s sale of bonds was initiated by the country’s newly elected President Mauricio Macri. President Macri has started working on his economic revival strategies that will open up the nation’s market access. These strategies will also give the country more economic control on their currency and its trades. President Macri, who took office on Dec. 10, hopes to ignite rapid economic growth in the nation which is South America’s second-largest economy. The nation will be returning to the global stock markets at the start of next month since 2001 when it was banned after a $95 billion default.

James Dondero says that he hopes Argentina’s Congress will be able to amend the Lock Law and the Sovereign Payment Law, which may draw away potential investors who are willing and ready to invest in the country. This way the country will be able to achieve its desired economic growth. According to Jim Dondero, the country must also go forward to put in place favorable guidelines on holdouts and also on debt issuance. James Dondero says that his firm has considered the Argentinian government a favorable business partners. The firm will be looking forward to adding its stocks in Argentina from the previous $4 billion, which had been predicted to reach its full profit potential in 2030, to a much higher amount.

Jim also talked about his new developments in the business sector. Jim Dondero is the guy responsible for business market hit products such as the collateralized loan obligations and institutional separate accounts. He says that he hopes he will be able to offer more innovations to the business industry to help it provide better services.

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