James Scores

It looks like it’s another win win for al at the Dallas Zoo as James Dondero has just donated his share of $14 million to help the zoo once again build a hippo habitat for all to enjoy. The unique part about it all is this: The Dallas Zoo had not had a hippo outpost of any sort for 15 years, since its last known hippo died inside the zoo and caused quite the uproar; he was still loved and cherished to this day. Yet, Dondero did it again: He brought life and joy to a part of the zoo that had been dead for years; this shows his philanthropy at its best.

James Dondero, by the way, is also the CMA – as well as CFA, respectively – of Highland Capital. He has proudly served there for many years. In fact, he’s also its president.

In 2001, Dondero had made his very first donation to the zoo – which was more than grateful beyond what words can express; the initial donation was for $1 million. In time, though, Dondero has donated more and more of his time and money – as we can clearly see – not only to this same zoo but to other philanthropy causes around the world. He is now quite known not only for his money but for his charitable giving of it. It appears he follows the adage to not letting one’s left hand know what one’s right hand is doing but in giving to all; in other words, he doesn’t seem to let amounts of money or greed stop him from giving as much as he wants to give to help others – and freely.

This is perhaps what Highland Capital Management’s clients and execs alike love about Dondero as well, not to mention his unique talents, dedication and overall flair for the world of startup equities, credit management and capital. Some would say he’s the unrivaled expert in these fields, and others would not disagree. The zoo certainly thanks Dondero and hopes to have around for decades to come.

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