Jeffry Schneider and Ascendant Capital, LLC are on the Forefront of Alternative Investments

Acendant Capital, LLC, founded by Jeffry Schneider, is an Austin, Texas based alternate investment firm. The company raises funds for emerging and established asset fund sponsors. Ascendant Capital utilizes a wide range of marketing and educational and sales and operational methods, along with investment and capital fund raising for the public and private distribution of funds worldwide.


Jeffry Schneider is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and armed with his degree found employment opportunities at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. Schneider also took on employment opportunities at Merrill Lynch, Smith and Barney and Alex Brown before taking his experience and financial knowledge and establishing Ascendant Capital, LLC.


Ascendant Capital, LLC, under Schneider’s leadership, has grown from a staff of a few to an employee rank of more than 30. The culture at the company inspires confidence and trust within the s5taff and that translates to client confidence and trust with Ascendant Capital, LLC. It is through strong relationships with clients that allow the company to stay strong and continue to grow to be able to meet the denuding industry of alternate investing.


Schneider believes alternative investments are a much better way to diversify holdings rather than traditional investments and dealing with volatility of the different markets. The company works with brokers, investment advisors and family offices.


Mr. Schneider pursues health and fitness and maintains a healthy diet. He stays fit and keeps in shape to participate in iron man and half iron man events, along with marathons. Traveling the world and exploring other countries and cultures is another passion for Jeffry Schneider. Some of the areas of the world he has visited include Asia, South America and Europe. He finds traveling and fitness an inspiration for developing new and improved investing ideas.


Jeffry Schneider is also a man of human compassion. He finds it important to give back to his community, as well as the world. He is involved in a number of charitable organizations that help others and provides better opportunities for individual and organizations dedicated to helping others. He supports organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, the Home for Cherokee Children and God Loves We Deliver.

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