John Goullet Sees a Bright Future in IT Staffing Business

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur, in the IT staffing industry. He started out working as an IT consultant. In 1994, he transitioned to IT staffing needs. This gave him a broad perspective of the entire industry is applied this understanding of market trends in the industry to help companies around the country, that need to build up their staff. John Goullet has helped many companies including some Fortune 500 companies with their IT staffing needs. After five years in operations DIVERSANT, the company he started was worth $30 million.

DIVERSANT, LLC focuses mainly on mid-market companies as well as Fortune 500 companies. The company has grown rapidly even when the economy was sliding downward. He encourages his employees to think creatively when it comes to finding solutions for their clients. The company is one of the largest African-American-owned companies in the United States. Jhon Goullet at LinkedIn .

Goullet received his Master’s degree in computer science, in 1983. He graduated from Ursinus College. The idea of having an IT staffing firm came to him early in his career, after just a few years working as an IT consultant. He realized that there were low barriers of entry to this type of business. He researched others who have had success in the business and realized that he could as well.

John gets new ideas by simply reading and paying attention to what’s happening in the IT industry and in the labor markets. He says that it seems that there is always a shortage of IT professionals in the United States. He looks to see what technologies will be in the greatest demand in the coming months and years and recruits people with those skills to fill the open positions.

Goullet believes that IT is an industry that will continue to grow for years to come, therefore he is confident that DIVERSANT, LLC has a bright and prosperous future ahead of it. for more.


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