John Goullet: The Talent behind Diversant’s Success

Diversant, LLC is a reputable IT staffing firm based in the United States. Its owners are African Americans and the company is certified as an MBE (Minority Owned Business Enterprise). Diversant is in the business of offering innovative diversity solutions, direct hire and IT staffing augmentation. Their products and services stand out since they are based on outstanding policies and the need to fulfill the needs of the clients. In addition to that, their products and services also protect the needs of their affiliates and community. The strategy that has led to Diversant achieving so much success with their clients is their consultative approach while dealing with them and their involving the clients as equal partners.

Diversant strives to conduct its business in line with certain core values and integrity. Its core values are respect for others, disciplined teamwork, ethical behavior and professional development. It being an African American owned company, it believes in the strength of diversity at the workplace. According to it, diversity fosters innovation, leads to more efficient problem solving and encourages creative thinking. It is for these reasons that Diversant offers programs that promote diversity at the workplace and in the supply chain of acquiring talent.

John Goullet currently works as the principal of Diversant. Before working as an IT staffing executive, Goullet was an IT consultant. In his early years, his career change prompted Mr. Goullet to form Info Technologies. The main role of the company was to link up I.T professionals with firms that were in need of their services. Info Technologies also provided Fortune 500 companies with I.T solutions. He worked hard to grow the company and in a five year period managed to make it worth thirty million dollars. The growth was so significant that Info Technologies was ranked eighth among the top 500 fast rising private businesses in the United States in the Inc. Magazine.

Mr. Goullet was behind the merger of Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. The success of Diversant, LLC is attributable to his rich education background and experience in I.T. He attended Ursinus College from 1979 to 1983.

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