Jorge Moll is a Neurologist Who is Studying The Emotional Part of The Brain

Jorge Moll M.D, from Brazil, is a neurologist who analyses how people behave through the functions of the brain. Jorge Moll, M.D. is studying the neural mechanisms of the brain in order to find out how people make decisions on morals, social connections and how they identify their values. One of the things that Jorge Moll M.D. is studying is the moral cognitive part of our brain that develops human relationships and how we socialize with other humans. Studies through imaging found evidence that a certain amount of brain activity involves moral cognition.

Also, studies are finding certain kinds of people, with certain kinds of brain disorders, are affected in ways that impair how they socialize and behave. This requires more studying to further understand how people with these kinds of mental disorders interact with other individuals in society. Between context-dependent knowledge, semantic social knowledge, and motivational behavior, Jorge Moll, M.D. is proposing a study on brain cognitive neuroscience, which helps him to understand how complex moral cognition is. Human beings have a natural sense of fairness which gives them social perceptions of society. The emotional aspect of human nature affects how we socialize in the world.

Morals in our society play a great role in making decisions, like political decisions, creating laws based on decisions and social systems that have an impact on how we make decisions. Our emotions play an important role in making decisions based on values, events that happened and objects that lead to actions. Even though “basic emotions” in the brain have been exploited; there is still a lot to learn about the “moral emotions” of the brain that perceives our moral values. Studies find that magnetic resonance imaging with a passive visual task finds that both basic and moral emotions are found in the amygdala, thalamus, and upper midbrain.

Jorge Moll, M.D. studied for his Bachelor’s Degree in medicine at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994. Jorge Moll, M.D. continued his studies in neurology at the same university and graduated in 1998. Studying the emotional part of the brain is done by Jorge Moll M.D. to determine how people react to certain events that plague our world.

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