José Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil

Lessons Learnt from the Life Mullen Lowe

If you find Brazilian ads interesting, you probably have come across Jose Borghi’s productions. He is one of the most influential advertisers in Brazil. His work is known all over the world. He owns the renowned Mullen Lowe.

There is a lot that people pursuing advertising careers could learn from the life of Jose Borghi. Borghi had a pretty regular childhood. He was born in a small town called Presidente Prudente. He was lucky to be born in a close-knit family where he had a very good relationship with his sister.

Borghi discovered his passion very early in life. This was back when he was a third year student in junior high. His sister had taken him to the Castro Neves Theatre to view some Lions Cannes award-winning ads. She hoped that this would help him decide on a career path. He was determined to work in the advertisement field no matter what.

Once he had determined what he wanted to take upon, he attended PUC, Sao Paulo where he studied advertising. This was the very first step towards building a very successful career. After getting his bechelors, he got his very first job working at the Standard Ogilvy. He worked there for some time as a copywriter before moving to seek other opportunities to grow career. He worked with movers in the advertising agency including Talent and DM9.

When Borghi thought he had acquired substantial experience to go on his own, he left his employment and collaborated with Erh Ray to start BorghiErh. The duo had no money, no investors and not even banks to lend them money. Determination and discipline was the only weapon they had. They started small and grew by the day. A few years later, Borghi was to buyout Erh Ray, but he still remained influential in the management of the company. At this point, the company was renamed Borghi Lowe. A year ago, the company merged with Mullen Lowe. Today, it is one of the leading advertising agencies in the nation.

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