Joseph Bismark’s Belief in the Relationship Between Spirituality and Business

I have developed an interest in spirituality and how it relates to business. I also hold the belief that spirituality works very well with business in order to create the best relationship with the customer. In my search for articles that explore this topic, I have come across this article at a blog called Bring on the Random which talks about Joseph Bismark and his example as a leader who combines spirituality with business in order to bring out the best results. One thing that stands out with Joseph Bismark is that he believes deeply in the truth. 

In this competitive world, there is the tendency to oversell, exaggerate and even lie. However, from what I have read about Joseph Bismark, he does not follow the protocol of other businesses. Instead, he seeks to utilize the spiritual virtues in order to run his business. As a matter of fact, he understands that spiritual practices actually enhance businesses. He has also demonstrated that his practice is very effective in the corporate world. 

Joseph Bismark has spent his life in the Philippines where he may have found his calling as a young kid. He has spent time as a monk in the mountains. All the spiritual lessons that he has learned was utilized in the business world. His combining of the two practices have proven to be successful. This article about Joseph Bismark is an inspiration to me. I am also glad to know that spirituality and business can work together.

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