Juan “OG” Perez And Birthday Thrills

Jay-z is a pioneer in the world of hip hop music. He’s a birthday festivities expert, too. He’s no stranger to spending significant sums of money on his pals’ birthday parties. He did so for his collaborator recently as well. This is an individual by the name of Juan Perez. Perez is also known frequently as “OG.”

The thrilling birthday evening began in the Midtown part of Manhattan in New York, New York. Jay-z and his buddies noshed on East Asian delights at a contemporary eatery that’s called Zuma. This was on Sunday. They feasted on sushi, steak, lobster and more. The members of the party all traveled to Made in Mexico afterward. This is an Inwood favorite that’s beloved among some of the hippest individuals in entire city. This isn’t even where all of the festivities ended. The crew went to Playroom Nightclub. They consumed a significant amount of champagne there as well. They all danced the hours away. Time wasn’t an issue for anyone.

Jay-z has been buddies with Juan Perez for many, many years at this point. The duo have teamed up for all kinds of business efforts throughout the years, too. That’s the reason that people who watched all of this enthusiasm weren’t at all shocked by it. Jay-Z went above and beyond to make buddy’s birthday one to remember for the rest of his lifetime. People only turn 50 years old once, after all. It’s a milestone event in any life and Jay-z is more than well aware of that fact. Perez is married to a lady who is known as Desiree. He and Desiree have been at the helm of Jay-z’s in-depth business universe for two decades plus. It doesn’t seem like the union is going to stop in the future, either.

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