Kate Hudson’s Hope for Fabletics Realized

Since activewear first hit the market, people have had a problem with its cost and lack of on-trend fashion. Since then, many companies have begun producing more fashionable activewear, but their prices are still too high. It’s that underserved market that Fabletics sought to satisfy.

In 2013, Kate Hudson got the opportunity to start her own fashion brand. Kate’s always been known as a brilliant fashion icon, and on a personal level, she’s very focused on health and fitness. She saw her opportunity to create an affordable athleisure retail brand and took it. Now, Fabletics is a $250 million business, has 18 retail stores, and 1.2 million members.

When Kate started Fabletics, she wanted to push people’s personal fashion-boundaries. She wanted her fashion to inspire every woman to embrace her inner and outer beauty. To help members find the perfect outfits, Fabletics offers a personalized service which recommends new outfits every month based on that member’s particular style preference.

The end result is making every woman looks and feels her best. It was even more important to Kate that Fabletics offer products for every type of women; no matter her size, age, or fashion comfort zone. That combined with low prices is what earned Fabletics those 1.2 million members.

Recently, Fabletics made an announcement that filled Kate Hudson’s heart with pride. As of a few months ago, Fabletics now sells products for plus-size women. There aren’t a lot of companies making activewear for plus size people, and those that do charge $250 for a pair of yoga pants.

It seemed like common sense to start making athleisure fashion for bigger people. As the years have passed, athleisure apparel has become a $44 billion trend. It’s most popular among millennials, who are more health conscious and relaxed when it comes to casual and workplace attire.

One very impressive fact about Kate Hudson is her hands-on approach with Fabletics. Unlike other celebrity-led companies, Kate actually looks at sales numbers and works personally with her designers. She’s not just the face of a company; she is part of the company.

That company has millions of followers now. One follower recently gave her opinion of the brand. In short, she called Fabletics “worth the money”. She loved every product she bought from Fabletics and plans on buying more.

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