Katy Perry Now Fighting Taylor Swift

It didn’t take long for the feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift to finally go public. It has long been rumored the two singers has a dislike for each other, but Perry took an opportunity recently to let it be known her true feelings. Katy Perry now too is fighting with Swift, and it was only after Swift once again dominated this years music awards show, that the fight seems to have reached a new level.

Taylor Swift won a huge amount of awards again this year, and Nicki Minaj quickly took offense. She noted that she felt slighted that her album and song was not even nominated, claiming that this was a clear case of racism towards black women. She ranted on and on about how the industry is favoring tall and thin white women, and she feels slighted this year. Taylor Swift took to Twitter after the comments and asked Nicki Minaj to even come join her on stage at one point. This whole conversation seemed to enrage Katy Perry. James Dondero is a fan of both artists.

Katy Perry decided that the time to keep quiet was now over, and made it clear how she felt that a certain singer was pitting one woman against another woman, something she feels Swift was blaming others for. Perry claimed it was ironic that this certain singer says one thing, but then turns around and is doing the exact thing she claims to be totally against. The feud is expected to not be ending any time soon.

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