Keith Mann Raises $22,000 For Students Attending A New High School

Keith Mann and his company, Dynamics Search Partners held a fundraiser to benefit students who will be attending a new high school within the Uncommon Schools charter. The $22,000 raised at the event held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, will help cover the fees of student testing. These tests include AP tests, PSATs, and more. Mann and his company want to ensure that all students have access to the necessary tests and have previously donated $10,000.

Mann and his company began working with Uncommon Schools in 2013. Mann believes that it is important that everyone has the opportunity to further their education. The Uncommon Schools is trying to bridge that gap for lower income students.

It is more than just the money for Mann. Dynamics Search Partners is hands on when it comes to working with the students. They take their time to meet with students and work with them to help them achieve their goals and dreams. Mann is looking forward to continuing this relationship for many years.

Keith Mann has over 15 years experience in the executive search industry. He is also considered an expert in hedge fund compensation. It is when he realized that the hedge fund industry was rapidly growing that he launched the Alternative Investment Practice with his current company. However, Dynamics Search Partners was officially established in 2009 and started marketing themselves as an executive search firm. Mann is hands on when it comes to his company and handles the daily management tasks and works with clients help them meet their professional needs.


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