Laidlaw & Company Are The Definition of Differentiated Investments

Laidlaw & Company is a differentiated investment bank. This means they provide brokerage services to growing companies, institutions, and wealthy individuals that supply every investment vehicle needed. Their investment advice is expert and personally individualized. Laidlaw provides these services to anyone, including both public and private organizations. Their clients include entrepreneurs, foreign and domestic businesses, and private individuals located throughout the world.
With over 150 employees working from offices in the U.S. and Europe, Laidlaw & Company is authorized by both the FCA and the brokercheckFINRA. This means they have the means and accreditation to operate anywhere on the globe. Their offices are composed of both independent sales associates as well as company-internal associates who provide finance solutions. This requires a non-traditional and constantly innovative approach, coupled with solid hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Laidlaw works best with fast growing companies who are in need of quickly raised capital. They supply this with great retail sales, giving their business clients good growth capabilities with a good amount of flexibility. They are professional experts in the investor claims area of pushing their entrepreneur clients into the ‘bulge’ bracket, especially in the healthcare sector of both capital markets and investment banking. Most of their team members are quite experienced, long track record, senior professionals.

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