Lime Crime Grants Your Wildest Hair Dreams

Everyone wants to be a unicorn, right? Lime Crime’s new product line can make you one step closer to fulfilling your wildest unicorn dreams! Lime Crime’s new Unicorn Queen Collection showcases products like: highlighters, Diamond Crusher Lip Products, Matte Velvetines, pop on nails, and Unicorn Hair Dye inspired by, you guessed it, unicorns. These products are so vibrant and fun that you can’t help but feel like a magical Unicorn Queen while wearing them.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Collection has many colorful shades in two different formulas- full coverage and tint. The Collection was perfected over three long years by Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere. Both formulas are made to be semi-permanent, fading gradually over time. They also claim to be beautiful, “unicorn worthy” color at every stage of the fading process. The original 32 colors in the line were recommended for previously bleached hair, since the vegan dye itself does not contain harsh chemicals or bleach. However, on October 24th, 4 new shades were introduced for our naturally darker-haired unicorn friends. The new colors are specially formulated for dark, non-bleached hair.

One of the new full coverage colors released is Chestnut, a deep maroon/brown. The second new color released is Squid, a rich purple ink color. Charcoal, a dusty gray, is another full coverage color released. Lastly, Sea Witch, a rich teal, is the last new color introduced for our Brunette friends. These colors with react with your naturally dark locks giving you rich, colorful results- no bleaching required!

Lime Crime is completely vegan and cruelty free, meaning no unicorns were harmed in the making of these products! The natural vegetable dye is entirely composed of the purest vegan ingredients. These ingredients will not damage your hair, unlike other hair dyes can. After using the Unicorn Hair Collection your luscious locks will be feeling as healthy as ever. Be sure to pair your new unicorn hair with other Lime Crime products from the collection! Deep purple Unicorn Dye “Squid” would look amazing paired with vibrant purple Diamond Crusher lip in “Unicorn Queen,” or a neon highlighter from the collection. No doubt this line will have you looking magical in no time.

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