Lime Crime: Unicorn Hair Dye Colors

Lime Crime is a well known cosmetics company with super loyal followers. Recently, the company released new color shades to their collection of hair dyes. This occasion has caused a great deal of intrigue and movement via social media. There is plenty of fun gossiping about these new color shades, as well as the future of the product line. Currently, the new color shades are available for customers to purchase. This is three years in the making, and the reaction has been overpowering. At the beginning of the year, the company discharged the previous offers after generating a great deal of excitement. There were thirteen different shades offered amid the first release, and some of these hues were totally sold out the first couple of weeks. This achievement provoked the company to keep building up its color palette, which makes the most recent release all the more thrilling for fans and clients.

The new items are now available in two formulas as described by The first is called Full Coverage, and it immerses the hair totally by utilizing a solid color base.

This is popular among youngsters who love the splendid and exuberant color, however it also gives a complete saturation for individuals who simply want to experiment with a new color for a special occasion.

The Founder and CEO, Doe Deere, is as amped up for the new release as the fans of the famous hair product collection, commenting, “I can’t wait to see how our unicorns wear these new shades!” The exuberance for the item has been expressed from the start, Deere included, “Unicorn Hair was my hair color dream come true, and I am excited Lime Crime fans love it as much as I do.”

Lime Crime is a business that is centered around creating hair items that pass on an ethic of freedom, self-articulation and independence. The company is formulated in a way that supports development.

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