Lime Crime: Where Fashion and Passion Meet.

Lipsticks with silver unicorns and a candy haired founder known as the, “Queen of the Unicorns” the beauty company on, Lime Crime; really stands out.
A lot of makeup is used to cover and conceal imperfections, but Lime Crime is makeup that is bright and colorful. Lime Crime makeup stands out and creates a striking look that grabs attention and is also unique and beautiful.
Lime Crime started out as an ebay clothing store in 2004.
Under the name, “Thunderwear” the clothing often featured bright and bold patterns such as polka dots and checkers.
Lime Crime’s signature look was to combine lime green with pink, two of the owner, Doe Deere’s favorite colors. The store did well, but Doe Deere wanted to start something of her own. She wanted a place and platform that would allow her to express herself and the brand just as she saw it, and without the rules and regulations of ebay. was launched in late 2004 as Doe Deere personal clothing line.
In 2005 Doe Deere fell into wearing more makeup and creating makeup tutorials and sharing them on the Lime Crime website. The response for Doe’s makeup instructions quickly gained popularity and soon she was doing theme makeup for pirates and mermaids.
It wasn’t long till Doe Deere saw that her fans were more interested in her makeup than the clothes and so Doe devoted the site to more colorful makeup and application tips.
Lime Crime became a makeup line after Doe couldn’t find a cruelty free company with cute packaging. Doe also wanted a brand with color that was bright and pigmented on skin as well as in the package.
Keeping the name, Doe launched the Lime Crime makeup in 2006. The makeup was a success; people loved the brand and the more soft and feminine colors. The collection offered eye shadows, blushes, glitter and lipsticks. The lipsticks featured bright purple packages with silver unicorns on them. The makeup wasn’t just pretty colors with no substance; they were smudge proof and high quality as well as vegan friendly. The company has also held raffles and donated the money to local animal shelters.
Their website, is a shop and a place for fans to express themselves and show their love and support for the products they love.
Fans can take a picture wearing or swatching any Lime Crime makeup, upload it to the social media platform of their choice and if the company sees it they will add it to their, “Fan Love” link on the site.
The site also offers lots of tips and tricks to create fun and inspiring looks like, “Unicorn hair”, and “Mermaid lips”. The website also gives updates and information on new upcoming colors and products.
Fans can also find out about future sales, new store openings and new items by signing up for Lime Crime’s email program.
Lime Crime isn’t just about makeup; it’s about making a statement and being proud and unapologetic of whom you are.

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