Make a Difference With Graham Edwards of Telereal

One can not mention property management and investing in London, England without also mentioning Graham Edwards. With an impressive portfolio, Graham has been the chief executive officer with Telereal Trillium since its birth in 2001. Since he has been at the head of the company, Graham has brought in about £1 billion in annual revenue. This expertise and knowledge has earned him many chairs on prestigious boards all over England.


About Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards earned his degree in economics from the well known Cambridge University in England. He has held many influential positions and these experiences have earned him many accolades. He once held a position as the chief investment officer at a management company in their assets department. He was at the forefront of earning Telereal about 6,700 properties in a property outsourcing deal. Graham is definitely someone you want handling your money and assets.

2009 was also a great year for Telereal Trillium as Graham led negotiations when it came to part was with a company called Land Securities Group Plc. Not only did this savvy move earn the company billions but it also launched Telereal as a leader in property investments and outsourcing.

Graham is also well known on several committees in England (En.wikipedia). He is influential with the UK Society of Investment Professionals, and on the committee for the Institute for Chartered Accountants. Graham is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors which is a very prestigious title in England.

Aside from the large amounts of money that he handles on a daily basis, Graham has down to earth interests. He has a love for learning more on water and engineering and has also tried his hand in real estate. He also decided to further his education and went on to obtain his master’s degree from King’s College London.

Graham has made quite a name for himself in the property management and investing field and is able to be a model for anyone looking to get into the business. The Telereal Trillium website can provide more information on the company’s next major plans.


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