Mangoes Become Sole Food Source for Hungry Venezuelans

With the ongoing economic crisis causing astronomical inflation rates, Venezuelan residents are in peril as they grow hungrier with each passing day. Persistent food shortages continue to plague the South American country and looting has become a desperate method of obtaining food and goods.
The poor citizens of Venezuela have been supplementing the lack of substantial food with that of Mangoes claims a report published recently by the CBC. Mango trees flourish about the South American country, and provide a free source of food for many starving Venezuelans.

Although mangoes do not possess a vast source of nutrients such as protein, they are a starchy fruit that can supply the body with energy and some calories to sustain the body’s need for calories.

Expert Adrian Jose Velasquez claim that a diet made of mangoes alone is not a healthy diet at all. But with vast food shortages, lack of grocery stocks, and rates of inflation rising with each moment, mangoes seem like the only option for starving Venezuelans.

As opposition continues to blame President Maduro for the crisis, we can only hope that soon the tables turn positive for the nation of Venezuela. Until then Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa says, it is good to know that the wide source of mango trees that thrive in the tropical country, can serve a greater purpose for the citizens feeling the wrath of their failing government.


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