Master Trader Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an expert in foreign exchange and master trader. With all the things the English businessman has accomplished it would only make sense to assume that he plans elaborate business strategies and methods, but this is not the case more often than not for Greg Secker. Many times he just makes things up as he goes. He is a self proclaimed, “why not guy.” He believes in committing to something you’re passionate about and figuring out the details along the way.

Secker’s start in finance was rather organic. He began his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services after attending a job fair and connecting with a guy at the Thomas Cook Financial Services stand. The guy liked Secker so much he got him an interview and Secker got the job. Although Secker was hugely into computers, at the time it seemed as though he would pursue a career in agriculture and food sciences.

He made a name for himself in foreign exchange trading while working on the Virtual Trading Desk, the first online real-time Forex trading platform. Working on the first of its kind platform allowed Secker to pick the brains of many experienced traders thus, he learned much about trading as a result. He also became very interested in Forex trading.

He later went on to join Mellon Financial Corporation as Vice president. While at Mellon Financial Corporation his personal trading account grew exponentially, prompting him to retire. After leaving Mellon he realized how much he wanted to give back to those wanting to get into trading but needed a low risk way. His desire to help others lead to him creating Learn to Trade.

He is also the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization that tries to make the world a better place by serving people and communities.

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