Maximize and maintain your wealth with the help of the Oxford Club

The Oxford club is an international private network of business moguls and investors with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. It was launched in 1989 and has since accumulated over 157000 members from 131 countries across the globe, working as a subsidiary of Agora Firm.


The club is aimed at helping its members create for themselves extraordinary life-long wealth that will allow them to lead a comfortable life with riches that go beyond monetary value. The club educates its members on vetted investment approaches and policies that will enable them to beat the stock market consistently and outdo average returns.


There are three types of membership scenarios at the Oxford club. There is the premier membership that is renewed after every year, and a member here is subscribed to the club’s journals.


The other type of membership is that of the director’s circle. Here, the members are permanent and do not need to renew their membership. They have the privilege of receiving all of the club’s newsletters. These newsletters include the income weekly, the resource explorer and the oxford communique.


The last one is the chairman’s circle membership under which members have all the privileges held by the director’s circle and additionally have access all that the club has to offer on their website, publications and physically. This is the highest level of membership and the members here annually link up to exchange ideas and improve the operations of the club.


The Oxford Club employs specific analysts and strategists that tackle distinct aspects of the market including those who evaluate stock options and offer their members with affordable choices. There are also those who are specialized in sectors such as energy and infrastructure, biotechnology and technology analysts, geological analysts, bond strategists as well as ones who study emerging trends and bring them forth to members to look into and potentially invest in.


The Oxford club hosts regular financial symposiums, and seminars as well as investment excursions in different parts of the globe. The club is headed by one Julie Guth who is the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Director.

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