Meet Clay Hutson, the ultimate stage manager, tour producer and sound engineer.

Before a live concert becomes successful and everyone goes home happy after an out of the world performance, there is a lot that goes on to see the success. Live entertainment involves a lot of background preparation to make sure that everything is working in harmony because it only takes a single mistake and the whole concert is ruined. It takes an experienced production manager, like Clay Hutson to ensure a live performance lives up to its billing. Hutson has been involved in the business since his days at Stephen M. Ross School of Business, where he was a student, taking business administration.


He worked as a sound engineer, project manager and also worked in corporate entertainment. During this time he gained vital skills and experience, which would later come in handy when he decided to start his own venture some years later. Clay had developed a special liking for rock ’n’ roll and his experience in sound engineering gave him the confidence to fully venture into the music industry.

Clay Hutson says that his experience traveling around Europe with a popular band called Garbage opened his eyes to the operational business of the industry. He traveled in Australia and North America working as a sound engineer and event manager. It was not out of the blues that famed music group One Republic chose him to do their rigging in one of their biggest tours. Working with One Republic, exposed him to the Asia and North America market.


It is such skills and experiences that made him confident enough to start his own entertainment empire. He provides a variety of services such as sound engineering, rigging services, and live production. Today he works with some of the biggest musicians in the industry among them, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, and Pink. His company takes care of production design, stage management and provides logistics for all aspects of a concert. His high standards of service have earned him many referrals and he has done good business with friends and friends of friends. Recently he has worked with the famed pop star Halsey, in her global tour.


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Clay studied theater design at Central Michigan University where he earned his bachelor’s degree. In the early stages of his career, he worked in corporate entertainment and even traveled with the sound team of Billy Graham. Huston also says that he is glad to have achieved success after going out on his own at a time the economy was in a recession. He believes in working hard and letting his results speak for him because a satisfied customer will always come back. Learn more:


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