Michael Burwell is an entrepreneur who is known to be hardworking and determined in his endeavors. He is skilled in many sectors, especially in finance. For this reason, he got the opportunity to work with a company named Willis Towers Watson. The company is known for its efficiency and reliability in activities and services. He was hired to replace the outgoing Chief Finance Officer. The company considered his financial skills as he has worked in several companies and even held various roles perfectly.


For years, Michael Burwell has worked with the company and has improved it drastically. He has worked in different sectors such as finance, technology and other crucial areas making him more experienced and an effective member. He has worked with the team to ensure a smooth running of the company in every sector he has been involved in. Prior to assuming this esteemed position with Watson; Burwell spent over three decades at iconic financial behemoth, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC).


The Willis Towers Watson desired the decision to make him in charge of finance through his skills and work results given. Michael Burwell is also educated in a way that any entrepreneur would desire to work with him. Therefore, through this, the company uses all the chances available to tap all his potential. The replacement was seen fit as he would work just like he did before in other areas. The previous person in charge of finance was retiring for personal interest, and the company would not allow a gap such as finance which is an important sector to be left as leverage.


Willis Towers Watson is a visionary company and over the years has had to select a team of workers who are productive and would not lag the company behind. Michael Burwell would, therefore, prove to be of great impact as to his knowledge and experience, he would help the company achieve its goals both the short-term and long-term goals. Click Here to learn more.


The choice by the Chief Executive Officer is seen by many as the right one. For instance, after his selection, many people got to comment and respond positively to the issue. People know that he is a person who never gives up and would make any organization to grow it greater heights. On the other hand, his take on the position was on a positive note. He took time to appreciate the privilege given and the trust he has with the company. Michael Burwell also agreed to work to his level best to transform the company and bring more success. He commended on teamwork and encouraged the members to work together for the common good.


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