Mike Baur Is The Swiss Start-up Factory Principal

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur. He is a developer of the Swiss Start-up Factory AG. The Swiss AG supplies business startup centers, mentorship platforms, and development programs to startup companies for them to achieve their business aspirations. The firm also provides exceptional environments and leading innovation for the undeveloped businesses to expand and grow. Mike Baur developed the company in 2014 with the aim of providing office spaces, financing services, mentorship and coaching services, as well as investments in startup businesses. The Swiss Start-up Factory is acknowledged as Switzerland’s biggest privately sponsored and self-sufficient ICT Startup Accelerator. The Swiss AG conducts a three-month accelerator program that is meant to supply startup companies with coaching services and office spaces to facilitate startup business to realize their business aspirations in the dynamic Swiss capital.

Mike Baur graduated from the New York Rochester University and the Bern University. He holds various education certifications from these renowned institutes. Baur served in the Private Swiss Banking sector where he initially worked as a commercial UBS trainee after his studies. He was later endorsed as the Swiss Private Bank executive board member. Baur has an extensive experience in the Swiss financial markets. He is particularly reputable for his contributions to the Swiss Start-up Factory fundraisings and business rounds. Besides overseeing the major operations at his Company, Baur also spends part of his time and resources to assist the Swiss youth business program. The Swiss Start-Up Factory under Mike Baur lately confirmed ongoing partnership discussions with the Fintech Fusion Accelerator.

About the Fintech Fusion Accelerator

Fintech is another Zurich-based StartUp company that supplies banking and commodity trading services, insurance, and financial services. Fintech also features educational support programs from famous International engineering research institutions. The company donates funds to aid the daily management of these Institutions. Fintech Fusion Accelerator supports various Startup enterprises across the globe.

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The Swiss Start-Up and Fintech Fusion aim to present business startups across the world with the most suitable collective office space, syndicate funding, and mentorship exchange systems. This partnership is also intended to create an exclusive relationship between the French and the German financial segments in Switzerland. Both companies have shown a commitment to harmonize their resources for collective business success. They have also displayed a resolution to support both local and foreign startups with their initial prototype plans for these business beginners to change into superior market participants easily.

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