Mikel Watts Leads Corn Production Litigation Against Swiss Corn Producer

The corn production of the US is one of the major areas of export the country has, which means any loss of revenue can have major consequences across the agricultural industry. The Street is reporting a new case is being brought by experienced agricultural litigation attorney Mikel Watts against a Swiss corn producer who many blame for the halting of US corn exports to China. Corn producer Syngenta supplied genetically modified corn for US farmers who produced the crops without the knowledge they would not be allowed to be included in any export to China.

The Chinese import around three percent of the total output from US corn farmers, which is included in the 20 percent exported each year to various parts of the world. By including the GMO crops in the exports to China that were banned the entire corn crop of 2013 and into 2014 was banned from being exported to China as the bushels of corn had been mixed with no way of knowing which were Syngenta and which were not. Mikel Watts is now looking for corn farmers to include in his mass filing against Syngenta in 20 states and Federal court within the US to try and reclaim some of the lost revenue from the Chinese corn ban.

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