Nabors CEO Tony Petrello Provides Hurricane Harvey Relief To Houston.

Hurricane Harvey was one of the biggest natural disasters in the history of Houston. One local CEO decided to reach out and personally help thousands of people affected by the tragedy. Nabors CEO Tony Petrello took his resources and expertise to help bring hope to many people in the Houston area.

Knowing that there would not be enough resources to help the people of Houston recover quickly, Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello gave his employees paid time off to help the people in their communities. The result was that hundreds of Nabors employees were able to deploy themselves around the city and help where they could.

In addition to labor, the employees at Nabors Industries also opened their wallets. To help with the effort, Tony Petrello offered to match all of the employee contributions. The result was that $173,660 was donated by the employees plus that same amount was matched by the Nabors CEO.

In addition to helping with the local disasters, Nabors Industries is also active in helping others on a national level. Some of the foundations Nabors Industries support include Bike MS and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In addition, the company’s own Nabors Charitable Foundation has donated over $3 million dollars in scholarships to children of Nabors Industries employees as we as employees themselves.

The charitable spirit of Nabors Industries is a personal crusade of Mr. Petrello. From helping with local disasters to investing in the future of their own employees, Mr. Petrello works hard to make sure Nabors Industries can give back to the community, their employees and the nation. To know more about Tony Petrello, click here.

On a personal front, Tony Petrello and his wife have been active in opening his own checkbook to assist in various causes. One of the couples most notable contributions was their $7 million dollar donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital. With the large donation, the Petrellos were able to help fund the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Tony Petrello is the Chairman of the Board, Cheif Executive Officer and President of Nabors industries. He has been with the company for over three decades. Before his tenure at Nabors, Mr. Petrello worked at the law firm Baker & McKenzie where he specialized in general corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. Mr. Petrello holds a Juris Doctor degree from Havard and Masters and Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

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