Neurocore Uses Technology To Change The Effectiveness Of The Brain And Produce Outstanding Results

Depression has become a common mental illness, and anyone can be affected. Most people never ask for help even though treatment is available. Mental Awareness Month is about teaching people that depression is not a sign of weakness, or something to ignore. Depression is a serious condition, but it does require treatment.

Stressful events including the death of a loved one, divorce, abuse, financial difficulties, and unemployment can heighten the risk of depression. The main characteristics are a sadness that will not go away, and very low self-esteem. Depression can also be caused by a lack of light from the sun, and childbirth. Sometimes the signs of depression do not show, and at other times an individual becomes irritable, has drastic fluctuations in weight, difficulty with sleep, numbness, and fatigue.

The body can react physically to depression causing headaches, a shortness of breath, a build-up of tension, and problems with the stomach. The brain performs differently when a person is suffering from depression. The feeling of hopelessness can lead to suicide. Depression debilitates, and encroaches on daily life, yet receives a lot less funding than most afflictions. The most effective treatment must begin in the early stages of depression.

Neurocore treats depression at their Brain Performance Centers. The symptoms of depression can be identified, and treated with the use of modern technology. Neurocore can train your brain by performing an assessment resulting in a brain map. A personalized program is then developed that can help an individual with depression.

The assessment starts with an EEG. This is an analysis of the brain using technology, the heart rate, and a breathing analysis, along with other diagnostic tests. The tests have been clinically validated, and show a clear picture of what is happening inside of your brain. The program is customized, the brain map is individualized, and becomes a guide to the design of a personalized program. Repetition, and positive feedback are used in neurofeedback sessions. This trains your brain to be more efficient, and function much better. Neurocore focuses on the root of the problem, the symptoms begin to recede, and the results generally last.

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