Norka Luque: The Fast-Rising Latin Pop Star

Let’s face it; this world is missing positivity. Most headlines of today focus on negative things. That’s why people cherish individuals trying to preach positivity whether through publications, social media or music. She has made it her mission to preach a message of hope through her music. From a young age, Ms. Martinez knew that she wanted to do great things with her talent.

She fell in love with singing at a tender age. Luckily, her parents understood her and supported her unconditionally. They let her take instrument and dance classes while in high school. Norka Luque was also a good student; she successfully graduated from high school and traveled to France to pursue higher education.

Since her childhood, she knew that she wanted to become a successful businesswoman. She studied Business Administration while in France. She enjoyed the course and eventually graduated from the French business school. After her graduation, she moved to Monaco where she landed a job in the banking sector. After working there for some time, she realized that she was in the wrong profession.

Ms. Martinez decided to try her luck in Culinary Arts. She joined a Culinary Arts school, but it did not turn out well for her after graduating from the school. She realized that she did not have the chance to be creative. To make matters worse, finding a job in the sector proved to be tough. She decided that she was on the wrong path and embarked on studying Fashion. She also enjoyed studying this course but found it hard when she was out the fashion school.

She finally realized that singing was in her blood and it was the right profession for her. She decided to move to the United States to try professional singing. She settled in Miami, Florida. She started out by performing in different nightclubs in the region.

Her movements in the region got her to meet Emilio Estefan. Emilio is a producer who has won 19 Grammy Awards. He has also shaped and developed the careers of artists including Shakira, Jennifer López, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony and many others.

Emilio Estefan signed NorkaLuque to her record label, and the rest is history. Her most successful songs include “Como lo hacestu,” “Milagro,” and “Tomorrowland.” Ms. Martinez is very active on social media; you can follow her if you like her work.


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