NuoDB-One Step Ahead of the game

NuoDB is the perfect SQL database for the on-demand world of today. NuoDB will reduce time to market, lower costs, and will even differentiate your application. With NuoDB, you can dun it in your choice of environment-on-premises, in a public, private, or hybrid cloud, or in containers such as Docker. You can maximize all of your resources across many data centers that are in close-proximity and minimize latencies. NuoDB lets you add and remove power without ever having to stop database services and NuoDB is capable of withstanding failure at all levels.

With NuoDB, you can migrate applications to NuoDB’s cloud database , distributed, and ANSI SQL database. You can also migrate application code easily for improved performance using standard stored procedures. You can use NuoDB to define service-level agreements and integrate policy management that is already in existence through its robust REST interface. Its integrated memory caches will automatically adjust for the best workload performance based on patterns without affecting the database.

NuoDB keeps data management within the database and leverages existing application code. It also has disaster recovery built right in, so there is no need for any additional and expensive components. NuoDb is an evolving software that keeps up.

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