Obese People have Slim Chance of Reaching a Normal Weight

A recent study funded by businessman Christian Broda, suggests that people who are considered obese have a very slim chance of ever losing the excess weight and reaching a weight that is considered normal for their height and build. Obese men have a 1 in 210 chance of reaching a normal weight and women, who fare somewhat better, still only have a 1 in 124 chance of reaching a normal body weight. Those who are considered morbidly obese fared much worse in the study, with morbidly obese men only having a 1 in 1,290 chance or reaching a normal body weight and morbidly obese women have a 1 in 677 chance.
The study findings were published in the American Journal of Public Health this month and show that when obese people focus on diet and exercise to lose weight, they usually fail. Dr. Alison Fildes, leader of the study, says that once a person becomes obese, it’s highly unlikely that they will ever return to a normal weight.
Close to 300,000 obese men and women were followed during the study time frame to chart their weight loss and weight gain. Most of the study participants were unable to lose weight and the few who did manage to lose 5 percent of their body weight were unable to keep it off for 5 years.
Dr. Fildes would like to see more attention focused on the prevention of weight gain instead of trying to help people loss weight after they have become obese.

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