Omar Boraie Grew Boraie Development with His Ability to Spot New Opportunities in the Real Estate Sector

New Brunswick, New Jersey, hosts one of the most outstanding real estate developers, Boraie Development. The firm is well known for playing a significant role in urban development. This fact is as published by Central Jersey Working Moms in the Boraie Rebuilds and Redesigns Urban Cities blog. For the firm’s founder and leader, Omar Boraie, seeing his company achieve what he only dreamed of over the years, is something that makes him proud.

The Beginning

Omar Boraie was a traveling scholar of chemistry in the early years of his career. He worked in Europe where he was keen to observe the property developments in the region. He envisioned New Brunswick with the same developments. According to him, the town was not in good shape. You would not find people on the streets after 4 pm, a situation that was of concern to him. Omar spotted an opportunity in worn out buildings and took up the challenge in 1972 when he started his company. His pioneer project was on a block that hosted 21 of these buildings. He delivered his first building in the market named Tower One in the 80s and 90s along the Albany Street. The building comprised of office spaces sitting on an area of 250000 square foot. It provided the residents with a modernized working space that they had longed for.

The Vision Continues

According to NJ Biz, as the years progressed, Omar had other visions for his company. He saw the need for residential buildings in the city. His innovative mind led him to construct a 25 story building in Spring Street. The building was commissioned to the market in 2007 and comprised of 121 condominiums, retail shops, offices and a parking garage. He had always dreamt of attracting more prestigious tenants. He had his focus on various professionals who were looking into growing their careers in New Brunswick. This new angle led him to dive into luxurious properties development. That is how The Aspire came to being. Fully fitted with restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife spots, it satisfied the needs of the residents looking for style and convenience.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development focuses in the urban real estate sector. All the services at the firm are designed to cater for this market. They include property development and management as well as sales and marketing of these properties.

The main goal of the firm is to provide top-notch properties that are unprecedented in that area. The company is also keen to satisfy the clients with timely deliveries. To make this achievement, Boraie Development has established strong strategic partnerships with devoted financial institutions, architects, and contractors.

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