Onelogin’s Remarkable Blend of Creative and Educative Content

Most websites in the 21st century envisage offering the most intriguing and exciting content for their readers. For this purpose, the content producers take the high road to come up with captivating titles and creatively orchestrated storylines. A classic example of the modern top-notch websites that blend exquisite creativity and exceptional educative content is Onelogin.

A perfect manifestation of this amalgamation of creative and educative content was when they published a witty allegory of how the block-buster TV series, Game of Thrones enlightens the modern human population about cyber security. The website delves into three basic tenets of cyber security that are immaculately exhibited in the popular TV series. These tenets basically revolve around the concept of Firewalls, and they include the existence of ‘Zombie Accounts’, the indispensable role that everyone has to play in Cyber security, and the need to take potential threats seriously.

While shedding light on the concept of Zombie Accounts, the website makes a reference to Season one of Game of Thrones where the bodies of slain Night Watchmen are recovered and taken back to Castle Black. One of the bodies turns out malevolent upon reincarnation as a Wight and mounts a scathing attack on Jon Snow who sets it on fire and annihilates it. This analogy seeks to advise cyber security teams to get rid of the accounts of former employees who may turn rogue against them.

The website then touches on the essence of taking potential threats seriously when it makes reference to an episode in which the Night Watch requested the Southerners to give them more resources to defend the seven kingdoms against the possible attack by the White Walkers. The Southerners despised this request with the belief that the White Walkers were an unrealistic myth, an assumption that they later regret.

Finally, the website brilliantly enlightens the Cyber Security realm on the critical role that every stakeholder in cyber security has to play in order to ensure that breaches to various Firewalls are minimal to non-existent. It clearly points out to various episodes of Game of Thrones where the regrettable lacklustre and sloppy nature of the Night Watch is exhibited. The website ultimately advises that an all-hands-on-deck approach must be adopted at all times in the cyber security and that every available manpower and resource must be put into use.

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