Organo Gold Look To Make Coffee Healthier For Everybody

Bernardo Chua and the Organo Gold company he founded are fast becoming one of the most talked about direct selling companies in the world. Chua has led Organo Gold since the company was established and has been named the Philippines CEO of the year in the past for his work with the gourmet coffee and lifestyle company he created in 2008. Beginning their march to success by targeting the coffee drinkers of the world with a beverage infused with the healing powers of the Ganoderma herb those who choose Organo Gold are now also looking to use the health benefits of the herb in their other lifestyle products.

There are many choices for coffee drinkers looking to enjoy the best quality beverages, which are available because the beverage is the second most consumed on the planet. Coffee has many positive ingredients and can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle. However, the inclusion of the Ganoderma herb is one that adds a further layer of good health to any individual who partakes in the ancient ingredient from Chinese medicine. Facebook had a few posts suggesting that Ganoderma has long been known for its high quality antioxidant qualities, the ability to protect and repair the liver, plus the chance to make sure the individual has a lower level of blood cholesterol.

The use of Ganoderma has also spread throughout the product line of Organo Gold, which will now also see the product used in a many of the companies other lifestyle choice offerings. These include the OG Smile toothpaste brand, which is made with Ganoderma infused into the toothpaste to make sure it is providing healthy benefits for the teeth and gums, whilst protecting the user from bad breath. Other high quality products are also being created with Ganoderma infused into them, which is allowing the users of Organo Gold products to be get the benefits of 4,000 years of Chinese medicine in each product used from the Canada based brand.

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