OSI Group’s Path To Success

Innovation, persistence and excellence describes food wholesale OSI Group. This company truly has a rags-to-riches kind of story. The company’s background dates back to the turn of the 20th century as it was just a small meat locker. The company’s founder, Otto Kolschowski, has built the company from the ground-up. Having a part of the American dream was the goal, but time would only tell just how successful this meat locker would become. Otto & Sons was its name and providing the Midwest with some of the freshest meats was its game. The company built a rock-solid reputation throughout the decades, and it would grow into a premium wholesaler of foods. Kolschowski was a part of the huge influx of German immigrants to the Chicago area. “Chicago is the hog butcher of the world,” said Swedish-American poet Carl Sandburg. This notion was absolutely true as Otto & Sons personified this this notion to the highest degree. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

As suburbia began to spread during the postwar-economic expansion of the 1950s, restaurants were popping-up on the outskirts of most major cities. Otto & Sons was able to commit to a deal with another family-owned business that was known as McDonald’s. McDonald’s was still in its infancy stage, and it benefited greatly from O&S’s fresh beef. As the hamburger giant began to grow, its demands were much greater. At this point in time, McDonald’s was being supplied with beef from many other meat providers. Thanks to its strong bond with Otto & Sons, these two enterprises would continue to work together to this very day.

As the years passed, Otto & Sons would transfer into OSI group. OSI Group took things to another level because the company had just brought in a finance expert. Sheldon Lavin was offered the CEO position and the company’s business seemed to have exploded with dramatic growth. The company went on a blitz of acquiring other food providers, and it provides the benefits of:

• Custom-Food Production

• Trustworthy Supply Chain

• Unsurpassed Food Safety

• Exceptional Culinary Skill

• And many more

OSI Group has significantly changed the industry for the better. No other similar food provider has been able to duplicate this company’s success and that speaks volumes.

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