OSI Industries — Expanding and Improving the Meat Market in Europe

OSI Industries has a long history of being one of the best producers of food products in the market. They have a long list of top clients that they cater to who serve food to the public. Their client list includes names like McDonalds, public schools, and hospitals. They have also inked deals with the likes of KFC and other fast food companies. Their wide reach within the food industry has been well earned and expanded over time. They have proven themselves to be the best when it comes to chicken and beef. The other factory producers in the world are working to keep up with the standards upheld by OSI Industries. The company has recently purchased Flagship Europe and expanded its operations in Europe. This is an excellent operational move and will no doubt prove to be a major growing point in the company.

OSI Industries has made their mark through cooperative purchases of various companies and expansions of their international facilities. They have increased their production capacity every year to keep up with the pace of population growth and chicken consumption. OSI Industries’ purchase of Flagship Europe will enable OSI Food Group to increase their production of meat products by more than double the amount of previous years thanks to the improvements in technology and production space. This will increase the availability of meat products in Europe where the demand has been growing by more than 3% annually. OSI Industries is meeting the challenge of increased demand with their growth strategy. OSI Food Solutions UK Awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council

By purchasing Flagship Europe, OSI Industries has earned the business that comes with the company. They now have a much broader presence in Europe and their capabilities of meeting the meat production needs are increased. They have been supplying the European market with their food needs for over 60 years and the recent acquisition adds to their historical prevalence. They are striving to keep up with their customers’ evolving needs and tastes, so the purchase will assist them with diversifying their offerings. Russell Maddock said that he was excited about joining forces with OSI Industries. Together, they will be providing Europe with the best food experience they have seen in years.

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