Todd Lubar The Businessman

Todd Lubar is a successful, well known real estate businessman. He is currently the president and owner of TDL Ventures and is also the senior vice president to Legendary Investments. Todd grew up and attended schools in Washington DC. He went to Peddie High School in Hightstown New Jersey. He was accepted to Syracuse University and graduated from there in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. He started his career with a job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and worked there for 4 years. He realized his passion to help people with finance and chose this path to be his career.

According to Hackronym, in 1999, he was hired by the Legacy Financial group in Arlington Texas where he continued to grow his knowledge of the finance world. His work was recognized and was offered a job as Senior Vice President with Charter Funding in Arizona. He held this position until the mortgage crashed in 2007. During the industry going through hard times, he decided to go back to his roots and focused on purchase money mortgage origination with Priority Financial services. Todd’s main focus is in mortgage banking but he has diversified his portfolio and owns several other companies including night clubs, the commercial demolition industry, the metal recycling industry, and the real estate development industry. He was ranked for many years in the top 25 mortgage originators in the country.

He 12 years of experience in several industries has allowed him to observe what makes business run and how to excel in almost any environment. Todd Lubar is currently focused on helping underprivileged people in need. Todd currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland and has two beautiful children. He loves to spend is leisure time traveling with his kids. His goal is to continue being a better person tomorrow than he was today and bring value to everything he comes into contact with.

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The USHEALTH Group Promotes Family and Individual Plans

Fort Worth-based USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that is working to shake up the norm when it comes to health insurance. They are always working to do what they can to help people out who need it and they have promoted themselves from the beginning offering many different things that other health insurance companies were unable to do because of the options that they had. The USHEALTH Group has been able to show people what they can do and the right way to do it for several years and this has made things easier for everyone who has health insurance with the company. There are many options that come along with good health insurance from the USHEALTH Group but that just means that they are able to get what they can out of the different options available to them so that they can make more money with everything that they do.


For people who are looking for health insurance for a large family, it can be hard to find the plan that works best for them. Some people are not even able to find plans for very large families and that causes some problems with the health insurance world. When it comes to insuring families, the USHEALTH Group knows what they are doing and they hope to help people no matter what size their family is so that they can get the health insurance that they need to be able to be successful. It is something that has made things easier for everyone who needs insurance with the USHEALTH Group.



Even individuals are able to get the health insurance that they need from the company. While their plans are much less expensive than the family plans, they are able to get the perfect amount of coverage that they need as an individual. The USHEALTH Group even offers a no-frills plan that is great for people who do not plan on using the opportunities that they have to visit the doctor. It is a great way to make sure that things are going to work out for them and for the people who are doing more.


Greg Secker Gives Back Through Philanthropy, Coaching, and Personal Foundation

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur whose expertise lies within the trading market. After receiving exceptional results in his 20’s, Secker has given back to the world through his philanthropical efforts, sharing his expertise and success story through public speaking, and coaching on how to be just as successful as he was in his career path.


Secker started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Group before climbing the corporate ladder and becoming the Vice President of Foreign Exchange at BNY Mellon. After approximately six years of working for others, Secker founded his own company called Knowledge to Action Group. His company controls six other organizations with efforts varying from philanthropy, coaching, and trade. After finding a lot of success in his personal ventures, Secker decided to give back and share his wealth of knowledge with the rest of the world. He has written various books regarding tips and tricks on success in the financial world.


Secker is a global speaker that shares his expertise in the entrepreneurial industry as well as his story of success. He has been featured on notable channels along with well-known TV personalities in the UK. After retiring at the age of 27, he founded his company called Learn to Trade, which serves as a platform for him to teach others how to be profitable in trading stock and within the currency markets. Secker has had upwards of 200,000 people attend his seminars and workshops worldwide.


Secker remains involved with the philanthropical community by supporting the Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust. He founded his own non-profit organization in 2011 with the intention of improving the quality of life for children worldwide. Named “The Foundation,” his non-profit is involved in various programs centered around education in order to improve the lives of youth.


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NuoDB-One Step Ahead of the game

NuoDB is the perfect SQL database for the on-demand world of today. NuoDB will reduce time to market, lower costs, and will even differentiate your application. With NuoDB, you can dun it in your choice of environment-on-premises, in a public, private, or hybrid cloud, or in containers such as Docker. You can maximize all of your resources across many data centers that are in close-proximity and minimize latencies. NuoDB lets you add and remove power without ever having to stop database services and NuoDB is capable of withstanding failure at all levels.

With NuoDB, you can migrate applications to NuoDB’s cloud database , distributed, and ANSI SQL database. You can also migrate application code easily for improved performance using standard stored procedures. You can use NuoDB to define service-level agreements and integrate policy management that is already in existence through its robust REST interface. Its integrated memory caches will automatically adjust for the best workload performance based on patterns without affecting the database.

NuoDB keeps data management within the database and leverages existing application code. It also has disaster recovery built right in, so there is no need for any additional and expensive components. NuoDb is an evolving software that keeps up.

Sheldon Lavin: A Reliable Name In Financing Industry

Those of you who are a lover of fast food might don’t know who Sheldon Lavin is, but you must have known the tasty burger that you would buy from different food services that come under a different name. Sheldon with more than four decades worth of experience in the food industry has become a name of the trust, and if you want to see a tangible source of his fame, you should see the prosperity of OSI Group LLC. He joined this company as Chairman and CEO, and then due to her hard work, deviation, dedication and exceptional which she earned by working on numerous crucial position, he helped the company to soar high in the sky and touch new milestone and reach new boundaries. Learn More Here .

By working with OSI Group LLC, he indirectly gets related with OSI international foods which are the holding company and a company where he raised as an expert of the financial industry. OSI Group has over 20,000 employees worldwide, and Lavin is the one that each and every one of this 20000 individual wants to meet because of his expertise and skills that make her prominent amongst the rest.OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award.

And because he has created and maintained a culture at OSI that’s unique; a culture that is family-oriented, and everybody has a marvelous amount of endurance in their workforce. People loves him because he knows the worth of employee, he knows that the people are the most crucial part of the business. And a satisfied employee means a raise in your production which indirectly means more earning and more prosperity of a company.

Sheldon decided to start his skills in 1970 into the meat industry, and he secured finance for Otto & Sons, later renamed as OSI Industries, LLC. This company had an opportunity to build a processing facility for meat and become the hamburger supplier to McDonald. But this was not an easy task to achieve and to do that, funds were needed, and that’s where Sheldon stepped in and helped this company to achieve what it is today so that it can soar high in the sky. for more .

Why Securus Technologies Is One of The Best Forms of Communications Tools For Inmates and Their Visitors

Securus Technologies is bringing people closer together by providing them with a form of communication that enables them to communicate via modes of videoconferencing in which an inmate can conduct a visitation session with a visitor, or visitors. It is highly recommended for anyone who is not necessarily sure about whether Securus Technologies is available at their correctional facilities or not to visit the website to see the list. Unfortunately, there are many different correctional facilities that haven’t incorporated it into their communications systems yet. Due to such a reality, it is highly recommended for individuals who are aware that their local correctional facilities do not currently have it in their communicative systems encourage their local courts to have it installed. It is a great communications system that is enabling people to connect with one another in a way that wasn’t necessarily possible before. By utilizing Securus Technologies, an inmate can ask their friend, significant other, and/or relative(s) to engage in a visitation session with them without requiring them to actually physically visit them at their location.


The Securus Technologies website is regularly updated through its press releases and people can decide whether it is something they would like to consider utilizing as their form of communication when a period of confinement is a barrier between them, friends, significant others, and/or relatives. Be sure to contact a customer service representative if you are not sure about how to properly use it, or you simply have questions or concerns regarding the program. It has been a great catalyst in solving crimes by giving law enforcement officials a tool that they can use to monitor conversations that take place between inmates and their visitor(s). Securus Technologies has been a great deterrent of crimes.


How Christopher Burch Is Winning Big In The World of Design and Hotels

Not everyone has an eye for aesthetics. The ability to choose colors, shapes and designs that may at first glance look quite disparate but when paired together prove to be stunning is a kind of intelligence that some people are born with and that others have to develop over time. The ability to curate disparate visual and physical elements in a way that is pleasing to the eye is an incredibly valuable skill that has many applications. Some people apply their talent for finding or creating beautiful things to the world of fashion where they can either construct beautiful clothing that pushes the boundaries of style or guide other designers towards a larger vision as they seek to complete a collection. Other people apply their eye for beauty towards the world of commercial real estate where they develop properties and through construction and interior design transform them into abodes that other people will want to reside in. Entrepreneur Christopher Burch has spent his career applying his eye for aesthetics doing both.

As many people will probably remember, he helped to co-found the women’s clothing line Tory Burch, which is named for his former wife. The line has risen to prominence as a brand that is synonymous with the best of American fashion. It is a fashion line that has been able to walk the line between offering designs that are incredibly sophisticated and also very wearable. While the success of Tory Burch marked an important milestone for Christopher Burch it was actually just one of many successes that he has had in the world of fashion. Many years before he ever helped to launch Tory Burch, Christopher had started his own fashion line known as Eagle’s Eye Apparel. The line, which was a joint venture that he had entered into with his brother, ended up being a big success. Together, the Burch brothers were able to transform Eagle’s Eye Apparel into a company that was worth $165 million. For updates on Burch recent timeline activities, click on

Interesting articles about Burch here.

Even though Burch has been a very successful fashion entrepreneur Chris Burch is turning his eye for aesthetics to an entirely different field: real estate. Burch has been involved in real estate ventures in the past. These ventures have involved teaming up with other design and real estate professionals to develop properties in Argentina. He has also dabbled in residential real estate projects in locales like Florida and New York. These days however, one of Burch’s most prominent and successful real estate projects happens to be on the other side of the globe. In 2015 Burch and a hotel mogul opened a resort in Indonesia known as Nihiwatu. In 2016 Nihiwatu had the honor of being named one of the best hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure Magazine.  Related articles on

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Beneful Dog Treats

Dog treats are wonderful for letting your puppy know that you love him, and he’s been a good dog. Beneful dog treats let him know that you care about him, as well. The Purina Beneful brand of dog treats is a brand that focuses on animal wellness. Purina had maximum nutrition in mind when it developed this product. Many of the foods are grain free and contain real meat instead of processed meats. Pets enjoy the real meat 10 times more than they enjoy other products. As a pet owner, you can start a new regimen of healthy pet foods today if they want to show love.

The range of items that you can find on the Beneful treat list is almost overwhelming. Puppies and dogs that love meats will get a kick out of the Meaty Minis treats. They consist of favorites such as chicken, apples and beef. Pet owners who are concerned about their pet’s dental health will appreciate the Dental Minis With Peanut Butter. The poultry lovers have three options when it comes to treats. The Chicken Break N Bites have a mixture of sweet potatoes, carrots and delicious real chicken. The Crunchy Chicken Break N Bites have sweet potatoes and real chicken. The Crunchy Minis have carrots and chicken.

There’s something on the list for the beef lovers, too. The Meaty Minis take beef, apples and chicken and put them together in an appealing bag. Dogs of all ages will enjoy chomping down on these delicious treats. The manufacturers offer a few discounts and incentives fore people who want to try the product today. Coupons are avaialable to make the buying experience less stressful. After all, buying treats should be fun, not stressful. Interested parties can sign up for some amazing savings on food for their favorite pets.

The Power Of Avaaz

In just five years Avaaz has become the most powerful activist network online anywhere on the globe. Avaaz gives individuals from all walks of life the ability to take action on critical national, regional and global issues. This includes climate change, animal rights, conflict and poverty. Thousands of efforts made by individuals are combined into one powerful force.

The campaigns of the Avaaz community encompass fifteen languages, have core teams located on six continents and have volunteers in the thousands. They organize protests, lobby governments, take direct actions, send emails, fund media campaigns and sign petitions. They believe the values and views of individuals throughout the world affect everyone. Their campaigns are conducted with scale, focus, flexibility and nimbleness.

The Avaaz community calls attention to important new issues. They expedite responses to emergencies and meet urgent needs. Their priorities come from polls of their members. Once a campaign has reached a full membership their actions often begin within hours. Avaaz members in the hundreds of thousands contribute to their campaigns.

The staff at Avaaz make a tremendous difference regarding the issues that matter the most. They develop strategies with experts and partners, issue compelling alerts and proceed with the messages of their members, delivered petitions and campaigns aided with funding. They do whatever is required to succeed. Members are listened to by the staff and the actions taken affect the world. They have the leadership, skills and vision to necessary to enable the communications to build a better world.

Since Avaaz is funded by their members they are accountable and independent. Their priorities cannot be changed or shifted by government backers or corporate sponsors. They refuse to accept any funds from corporations or governments. Their values place human beings first and they understand responsibilities to the future generations, the plant and each other. They represent a source of hope, dreams and the ability to build a bridge across the world.

EOS VS CHAPSTICK: Who’s Winning?

Okay! So everyone knows of the original cylinder shaped tube used to moisturize dry, chapped lips, Chapstick. Very clinical look and always containing a list of active ingredients. Traditional and treated as a unisex commodity such as toothpaste and shampoo. Well, sorry to say Chapstick definitely isn’t taking home any trophies for its originality, especially since EOS Lip Balm has been born!

EOS was founded and is currently managed by Sanjiv Mehra and his partner Jonathan Teller. Congratulations Mehra and Teller! EOS IS WINNING! Surprisingly, it wasn’t easy getting this amazing product on the shelves. According to a Fast Company article, the milestone was trying to get business owners to believe that the consumers are ready and willing to step out of the comfort zone and untraditionally buy this product. The male business owners most certainly didnt understand the concept of the egg shaped lip balm, its colors, smells, flavors, and that was ok because EOS was created with the women and her beauty regimen in mind! Mehra and Teller finally came across an owner of a Walgreens, who happened to be a woman and absolutely loved the product and cleared some shelf space. Now, $3 EOS lip balm is the second best lip balm, next to Burt’s Bees, selling over 1 million naturally and organic made units in a week! It is projected to increase to $2 billion by 2020! EOS is an exciting and fun product to use, especially for the stylish women between 25 and 45 years of age. To be this successful, EOS used many different advertising techniques to get their products in front of potential buyers. Magazine Ads, Commercials, Facebook and other Social Network, even having the celebrities, Miley Cyrus promote EOS in their music videos. Popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera have been seen whipping EOS lip balm out of their purses.

EOS has already manufactured shaving creams and hand lotions. They have also collaborated with KEDs to create a shoe that comes with the matching lip balm. This is just the beginning; stay tuned for more EOS products and even more importantly the upcoming lip balm flavors, Ladies!