The Power Of Avaaz

In just five years Avaaz has become the most powerful activist network online anywhere on the globe. Avaaz gives individuals from all walks of life the ability to take action on critical national, regional and global issues. This includes climate change, animal rights, conflict and poverty. Thousands of efforts made by individuals are combined into one powerful force.

The campaigns of the Avaaz community encompass fifteen languages, have core teams located on six continents and have volunteers in the thousands. They organize protests, lobby governments, take direct actions, send emails, fund media campaigns and sign petitions. They believe the values and views of individuals throughout the world affect everyone. Their campaigns are conducted with scale, focus, flexibility and nimbleness.

The Avaaz community calls attention to important new issues. They expedite responses to emergencies and meet urgent needs. Their priorities come from polls of their members. Once a campaign has reached a full membership their actions often begin within hours. Avaaz members in the hundreds of thousands contribute to their campaigns.

The staff at Avaaz make a tremendous difference regarding the issues that matter the most. They develop strategies with experts and partners, issue compelling alerts and proceed with the messages of their members, delivered petitions and campaigns aided with funding. They do whatever is required to succeed. Members are listened to by the staff and the actions taken affect the world. They have the leadership, skills and vision to necessary to enable the communications to build a better world.

Since Avaaz is funded by their members they are accountable and independent. Their priorities cannot be changed or shifted by government backers or corporate sponsors. They refuse to accept any funds from corporations or governments. Their values place human beings first and they understand responsibilities to the future generations, the plant and each other. They represent a source of hope, dreams and the ability to build a bridge across the world.

EOS VS CHAPSTICK: Who’s Winning?

Okay! So everyone knows of the original cylinder shaped tube used to moisturize dry, chapped lips, Chapstick. Very clinical look and always containing a list of active ingredients. Traditional and treated as a unisex commodity such as toothpaste and shampoo. Well, sorry to say Chapstick definitely isn’t taking home any trophies for its originality, especially since EOS Lip Balm has been born!

EOS was founded and is currently managed by Sanjiv Mehra and his partner Jonathan Teller. Congratulations Mehra and Teller! EOS IS WINNING! Surprisingly, it wasn’t easy getting this amazing product on the shelves. According to a Fast Company article, the milestone was trying to get business owners to believe that the consumers are ready and willing to step out of the comfort zone and untraditionally buy this product. The male business owners most certainly didnt understand the concept of the egg shaped lip balm, its colors, smells, flavors, and that was ok because EOS was created with the women and her beauty regimen in mind! Mehra and Teller finally came across an owner of a Walgreens, who happened to be a woman and absolutely loved the product and cleared some shelf space. Now, $3 EOS lip balm is the second best lip balm, next to Burt’s Bees, selling over 1 million naturally and organic made units in a week! It is projected to increase to $2 billion by 2020! EOS is an exciting and fun product to use, especially for the stylish women between 25 and 45 years of age. To be this successful, EOS used many different advertising techniques to get their products in front of potential buyers. Magazine Ads, Commercials, Facebook and other Social Network, even having the celebrities, Miley Cyrus promote EOS in their music videos. Popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera have been seen whipping EOS lip balm out of their purses.

EOS has already manufactured shaving creams and hand lotions. They have also collaborated with KEDs to create a shoe that comes with the matching lip balm. This is just the beginning; stay tuned for more EOS products and even more importantly the upcoming lip balm flavors, Ladies!

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Helps People Learn The Statistics

Among the things people need to know about cancer is the statistics of each cancer. After all, different forms of cancer have different rates of survival. This is one of the reasons that Cancer Treatment Centers of America are willing to provide this type of information. After all, people who have knowledge have more of the tools needed to move forward with the needed treatment. This is one thing that is going to make the difference in the lives of the patient that is suffering from cancer. The only thing is that the patient has to be willing to take the necessary steps to treat the cancer and at least reduce the damages that it does.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the facilities that are going to equip people with the tools that they need to be prepared for if they detect cancer in their bodies. Among the things they will have listed is information on each cancer including the symptoms that come with it. They will also provide people with what it is going to take to effectively treat it and the side effects of the treatment. With the right type of preparation, the patient is going to be able to get through the cancer and come out stronger.

When it comes to cancer, knowledge is power. It is very important for even people who do not have cancer to learn everything they can about the cancer disease. After all, there is no telling whether or not they are going to have cancer or when they are going to get it. Also, one can’t predict at what stage it is going to be in before it is detected in the person. Fortunately, the individual has access to a lot of the effective treatments that they could use for their recovery.

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ClassDojo Strikes Gold With Funding

Early in 2016, ClassDojo announced that they raked in a cool $21 million from a round of venture funding for their innovative technology that connects educators from all over the country to their students’ parents. ClassDojo allows teachers and parents to have consistent communication about students social and behavior development, as well as activities and achievements.

This communication is done throughout the year, which allows parents to know exactly what they’re kids are doing and how they are behaving throughout the day. Instead of being surprised by things at parent-teacher meetings, parents can keep a constant line of communication with the teachers.

This round of funding was closed in late 2015 and ClassDojo’s founders are planning on using the capital to grow their small team and to find which kind of content would be useful to parents who use their app not just during the school day, but at home. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don plan on creating newer content that can help parents guide their conversations at home and better support their students in their environment while they are at school.

ClassDojo’s app creates a positive culture within schools and at home. It uses photos, videos and messages to connect teachers, parents, and students. ClassDojo creates a team that can share in the classroom experience and a better environment at home.

The app is currently being used in more than 90 percent of the country’s K-8 schools and is used in more than 180 countries. More than 20 percent of ClassDojo’s staff has a teaching background, and around 33 percent of kids between the ages of 5 and 14 have learned about empathy and growth mindset with the ClassDojo app.




What Susan McGalla Had To Say When Pressed About Her Role As A Female Executive

Susan McGalla currently manages P3 Executive Consulting, a Pittsburgh company that offers advice to various fashion retail companies and helps them stay on top of marketing trends and designs. She also is one of the leaders of the merchandising and ecommerce department of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers where she guides the franchise in various ways to sell jerseys and memorabilia to its different fan demographics. McGalla has held several executive positions prior to these and has spoken at various young women’s meetings including the Girls Club of Pittsburgh and has shared her business and personal insights on topics. She also was once approached by a news committee about applying for a female executive award and shocked them with her interview.


During that interview the award committee must have been eager to hear that McGalla’s accomplishments were a victory for women and the first step in breaking the “glass ceiling.” Instead McGalla told them it was nothing of the kind and that she viewed her accomplishments as those of a person and not a woman. Despite the committee’s request for her to change that answer, McGalla held firm that serving even as a high ranking executive didn’t change the values she was taught as a child about hard work and viewing others as simply people and not using gender labels.


McGalla came from the small town of Dublin, OH where her father was a football coach and was one of the reasons she’s a sports enthusiast even today. She got her bachelor’s degree in business from Mount Union College and started in the corporate retail industry in 1986 working for the Joseph Horne Company. When that company folded she joined American Eagle Outfitters starting out as a local merchandising manager but then becoming Chief Merchandising Officer and then president. American Eagle broadened its sales of women’s apparel during McGalla’s time there. After 16 years with American Eagle, McGalla left and joined HFF and later P3.

Tammy Mozzocco: On Top Of The Realtor Game


Tammy Mozzocco sees real estate as all-encompassing and her passion. She is her most productive through meditating, light stretching, and getting important tasks done first. Afterward, Tammy uses time blocks to get through the more difficult tasks. Tammy states that her ideas come to life through brainstorming, research, and in writing up a business plan. She enjoys dealing with lead companies that offer her live customers to speak with; she finds that the phone contact gives her a face-to-face appointment which can turn into a sale. As an entrepreneur, Tammy is most productive when she breaks her goals down to know what she has to do monthly, weekly, and daily. Over the years, Tammy learned not to take herself too seriously, take risks, and never settle. She admits that she has some shyness and is not outgoing – she doesn’t let these get her down. Tammy focuses on making her customers happy; customer service brings repeat business, with referrals making up 85% of her business.

In starting out, Tammy taught herself to overcome her discomfort with talking to others about financial matters and she was lost trying to pre-qualify leads. Increasing her comfort zone with customers came through reading scripts out loud that other agents used. Tammy gets out and talks about her business by bringing a jar or basket of desirable items to places like a teacher lounge or a fire station, asking if she can return in one month to bring more goodies along with more information.

Tammy Mozzocco began her career as a secretary for The Edwards Realty Company. She was part of a nine person team of commercial agents. For seven years she was a condominium manager at Scotland Yard Condominiums, where she received her license as an agent in 1995. Her manager, Ken Cook, of Scotland Yard, who also owned Cook Realty, taught and encouraged Tammy early in her career.

In the summer of 1998, Tammy worked for top RE/MAX producer as a licensed personal assistant. She assisted Joe Armeni, witnessing the ways of a highly successful agent, creating the drive for her to turn her real estate experience into a full-time career in 1999. Ever since, Tammy gained a new mentor in Judy Gang, and she sells real estate in various areas of Central Ohio. for more .

Chris Burch’s Newest Investment, Nihiwatu

Tory Burch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He has participated in the growth and success of more than 50 companies. He has a wide portfolio of companies in a variety of industries including Hospitality, Fashion, Real Estate, Technology, Financial services and consumer products.

Entrepreneurship is nothing new to Burch. This is what he has been doing since he was in college. He always had a keen eye for investments. Therefore, he decided to combine forces with his brother and start an apparel company. Together, they managed to raise $2,000 which was used to start Eagle’s Eye Apparel. And, that was the beginning of his success story. A company that they only built with $2,000 turned out to be a multi-million dollar company. And, by the time they were selling it to the Swire Group, the company was worth $165 million.

According to, Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital holds a wide portfolio of companies including ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, Jawbone, Poppin, Faena Hotel + Universe, TRADEMARK, Voss Water and Cocoon9, check for more of this. In the hospitality industry, Burch is most popular for his world-class hotel, Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is located on Sumba Island in Indonesia. The resort used to be a hostel but Burch and his business partner, James McBride renovated it to be one of the best resorts in the world. It is even said to be the best that there is in the industry.   Try clicking this to read more articles about Burch.

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Those who have been to Nihiwatu will tell you that it is a resort like no other. More than $30 million was spent on it and it was worth every cent. The resort boasts of a spa that is built under a waterfall. This is an experience than no other. Additionally, every room is serviced with a private butler.

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In total, the resort has 27 private villas. Each villa is everything and more that you would need for relaxation. The villas have a great view and the room service is beyond excellent. And, there are tons of activities that can be done in this resort that even Burch himself cannot get enough of it. He spends a third of his time in the resort. He has taken one of the villas and made it home. This section has one main house and four additional villas that can be used by guests. The home is called Raja Mendaka and it has its own private pool.  Go straight to and read additional info about him.

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Equities First Holdings – Lending Sources to Assist Business Owners and Individuals

Equities First Holdings uses a basically less stressful and streamlined process when it comes to securing working capital. The company’s more versatile loaning programs have various benefits unlike the convention moneylenders. Finding the right alternative hotspot for capital is the first phase within the process, and by contacting the authorities at Equities First Holdings that is where your journey of financial breakthrough starts. You might be stunned at what you’ll find when you work with a pioneer (Equities First) in the alternative loaning field.

Easy Process

Traditional loan processes entail lengthy verification methodologies that can go for weeks or even months. Standard moneylenders are subject to testing verification progressions, control and systems which may magnify the funding time traverse altogether. Alternative loan specialists, for example, Equities First Holdings typically offer an online strategy for applying and sending supporting records, along these lines diminishing the time utilized for application to couple of minutes. Moreover, the company can get you a quick decision so you don’t have to wait unnecessarily while waiting for the response. Stock loan funding is usually refined within hours and borrowers get funds in the same day, ensuring entrepreneurs deal with urgent matters conveniently. Read News Here .

It is Flexible

Optional financial moneylenders give a wide collection of loans; loan items and credit extensions. Dealer money loans are a piece of the numerous alternatives that various alternative sources give. Hence, Equities First Holdings will help with offering solutions which entail working capital loans, financing strategies for development and the list is endless.

No Need for Credit

When you apply for a small business loan through a regular moneylender, like a bank or credit union, the essential thing that is assessed is the proprietor’s FICO rating and the business’ credit profile. Most of the banks and credit unions ask for strong FICO scores, debt utilization, no late payment, and non-open record filings. However, the stock-based credits provided by the lending giant; Equities First Holdings, has a significant effect.,34.htm for more.

Sujit Choudhry: A Reliable Choice For Your Constitutional Needs

Research of Sujit Choudhry addresses an extensive variety of issues in politics and comparative constitutional law, including a special tool for constitutional design. And that is to manage different transitions to peaceful democratic politics; decentralization, federalism and secession; official language policy, group and minority rights; bills of proportionality and rights; security sector oversight; constitution building; and primary organizational questions in the light of the constitutional law. He wrote extensively on constitutional law for Canada as well.

Professor has published around one hundred articles, different chapter for the educational book, reports, and working papers; books like Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitution Making and much more. Sujit holds many executive level positions with many government/semi government firms. Sujit Choudhry is also a Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which mobilizes and generates knowledge for constitution building by accumulating and leading global networks of professionals to complete thematic research projects which provide evidence-based options for policy to practitioners. CCT partners with a worldwide network of joint organizations, NGOs, think tanks, and different educations institutes.  Check this on

In collaboration with the International Institute for Electoral and Democracy Assistance, Choudhry is presently co-leading few worldwide collaborative projects which will produce a series of policy and research outputs to be published in mid-2017. Sujit is also a member of Mediation Roster by UN, and has been an advisor to the World Bank Institute and also for different Development Program by United Nations.   More article on

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He worked for so many years as a legal advisor to democracies that are emerging across the globe writing and amending constitutions. In one of his interview, he said that since 1978, 185 new establishments had been drafted and implemented across the globe and that’s why he believes that be in touch with such changes one should have to in touch with global news from trustworthy newspaper to provide an efficient and up-to-date solution to his client, for more of this, try accessing this. The type of work Choudhry does requires him to be thorough in his research and to consider only reliable and trustworthy source of information and that is why the source that he chooses cost him money, but it would be reliable. provides a broad scope of article about Sujit Choudhry..

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The Inspiration of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla has become one of the most prolific female leaders in the world of marketing. She has been able to help several companies build their brands, and she has taking a lead with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the creative director.

She is revamping the clothing line for this company and helping this franchise gain a greater appreciation from fans. Susan McGalla has been able to do things like this throughout her career, and this has been helpful for all that are trying to build a brand. A company is only as strong as the brand that has been built. Customer loyalty is going to hinge greatly on how well the brand has been developed. That is what Susan McGalla has done throughout her years with American Eagle and Wet Seal. She has also worked independently as a consultant in the marketing field to work in helping companies build better brands.  More related articles on

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Her marketing experience has given her a platform to inspire other women that are looking for a chance to get into the marketing arena as well. She has broken barriers in the corporate world, and she has spoken to other women in seminars and challenged them to do their very best. She believes that women do have a place in the corporate world as CEOs and directors of programs, but they have to show and prove that they can do the job, check This is what Susan McGalla has always done throughout her career. She has proven that she can do the job, and she has gotten results that have been comforting to the board of directors in organizations that she worked for. This makes all the difference in the world when it comes to developing a brand. McGalla has grown and she challenges other women to grow in business.  Head over to this interesting link

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