Tony Petrello, the Famous CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd

Tony Petrello happens to be the famous and a successful American CEO of the largest oil and gas drilling company known as Nabors Industries Ltd and has been on the frontline working for the company’s success. He happens to have been a great person who has been recognized for his humble life as a CEO. This company Nabors Industries has been operating across many countries in the world. They have operations based in USA, Africa, Middle East and also the Far East.

Tony Petrello is now 60 years old and has held the most crucial positions of the company. He is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, the Executive committee chairman, Board Chairman and also the company’s President. He has achieved a lot in his roles and has been involved in major decision making of the company. The company that he works for was established in the year 1968 and had been in operation before he took on. He was able to rise very fast in the management levels because of the skills he possessed especially when it came to contributing to critical decisions. He has remained adamant towards making the company a better place and has been on the frontline ensuring that he achieves what he has committed himself to. He emphasized on employees motivation which brought about innovation and also feeling part of the system. He also introduced teamwork and also setting company’s performance bars that have made everyone work and play his roles accordingly.

Anthony Petrello has been making the company increase on its profits every time, and they have subsequently received so many awards in honor of their commitment services. |He happens to have been a very qualified person and happens to be a graduate of two prestigious universities across the entire globe. He attended Yale University whereby he studied a bachelors degree and masters in mathematics.

He later joined the prestigious Havard School whereby he studied a bachelors degree in Law and immediately after graduating, joined the Baker & McKenzie which happened to be one of the biggest law firms based in the US. He worked there with a lot of commitment and due care and had since then become a very successful person in his career. He was promoted to work as a managing partner in their New York office in 1986, and that is where he met Nabors Industries management team who became interested in what they saw from him.

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Fabletics Makes Shopping Experience Easier And More Effective

Setting oneself apart in the fashion industry is no easy task considering the sheer amount of players in the market. The online fashion industry is even more gruesome to break into because of the demolition of otherwise present geographical borders. Brands in different parts of the world can find customer bases where they would never have expected to before the internet.


Fabletics is one company that has managed to shine even in the face of fierce competition in the online sphere. The brand has honestly been able to set them apart and has come forward to become a force to be reckoned with. The name was founded by Kate Hudson, who is also the inspiration and face of the brand. Being someone who is incredibly involved with personal fitness, she knew the activewear market more than anyone else. Being a regular consumer of the goods that the market put out, she was able to come up with lines of clothing that appealed to a vast majority of fitness lovers and fashionistas alike.


One of the more surprising factors is regarding the popularity of the brand, and how they reached that position. Fabletics knew that the clothing that they put out was extremely comfortable and functional, but they wanted to find ways to market that in ingenious ways. That’s when they decided to put in motion a marketing plan that most brands tend to shy away from. Fabletics agreed that it would be a good idea to implement a membership or subscription system to appeal to people, and to attract a large audience who would keep buying from the brand. This membership system made it so that customers would always get at least one set of activewear per month, which is more than what people typically tend to buy. This system was hugely successful, and people started opting for it, and even preferring it more than traditional buying options that sites offer.


When a person goes out to buy clothing from tar and mortar shops, they are often greeted and guided by an assistant or salesperson who helps them choose the best options for them. However, online, there is no person to guide you through the process. But Fabeltics wanted to implement that system and therefore decided to incorporate some of the most recent AI to show customers options according to their likes and preferences. This AI detects the consumer’s buying patterns and then shows them options that fit those criteria. This has helped make the online shopping experience a lot more efficient and customer friendly and saves them time which they would otherwise have to spend scrolling through pages worth of products.


Even though they tried to incorporate a real-store like feeling on their website, they decided to twist it around, even more, when it came to their physical stores. The Fabletics stores that are now at numerous locations around the country serve as a place for customers to try on what they see online. What makes it different from other stores is that they do not have to buy it in store, but instead go online and purchase the products in their own time.

How Organizations Benefit from Publications Offered by Agora Financial.

Agora Financial is a non-governmental organization established by Agora Inc. The firm has grown to become one of the leading publishing companies in the universe over the past three decades. The institution is set aside for producing free journals that entail economic commentary and analysis. Since its establishment in 1979, Agora Financial publications benefitted its readers who later invested in natural resources and emerging technologies. The company employs several professionals who include geologists, bankers, researchers, scientific journalists, editors, fund managers, filmmakers, and authors. The publication firm has over twenty editors who are specialists in the field of finance. The workers of the company are assigned duties and responsibilities to ensure that they make bold financial predictions. They spend over one million dollars traveling to various countries, to establish natural resources that individuals and organizations can invest on.

The publishing company produces publications that reach to over one million users across the world, through online books, videos, online seminars and international conferences among others. It frequently presents over twenty publications both monthly and weekly. The content offered by Agora Financial is usually non-biased because the editors of the firm have a high level of integrity in making financial decisions. The organization has its premises located in Baltimore. The company earns an incredible from reputation from businesspeople and corporations that get information on various products and businesses to invest on.

Agora Financial is well-known for making significant financial predictions including the mortgage crisis that occurred in 2008. Experts of the company accurately predicted the rise of the value of gold, oil prices, regenerative medicine and personalized medicine. The company also writes several articles on stock markets that are posted on various newspapers including the Daily Reckoning, Outstanding Investments, and Capital & Crisis. The collective information gathered by the company employees assist businesspersons and organizations on choosing the right investment opportunities that fit them.

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Desiree Perez and Her Active Role at Roc Nation

The 10-year old deal worth $150 million signed between rapper Jay Z of Roc Nation and Live Nation back in 2008 is almost coming to an end. Live Nation hopes to continue the deal with the rap mogul, but Jay might back out of music recording. According to reports, Jay Z is looking for other music bigwigs. This implies that either side could choose to sell their Roc Nation stakes to the other or completely purchase the company.

Roc Nation is a reputable record label that has paved the way for some notable American artists including Meek Mill, Shakira, and Rihanna. Before the news was made public, Jay together with his Roc Nation business partner met the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group Sir Lucian Grange. Following the meeting, it was rumored that Universal Music Group could purchase a stake in Roc Nation. Purchasing Roc Nation stakes by the Universal Music Group will open doors to more musicians under Jay. However, according to Universal Music Group insiders, the company already has a small stake in Roc Nation. Making a larger investment will ensure that the Universal Music Group owns the main stakes in Roc Nation. At this time, Live Nation could sell the record label to another company or entirely purchase it. and more information click here.

About Desiree Perez

The CEO of Roc Nation is Desiree Perez. She has worked with Jay Z for more than 20 years now. Desiree Perez was brought up by her two parents in New York. She is presently one of the most respected Roc Nation members. Desiree Perez has unmatched negotiation skills actively takes part in important Roc Nation negotiations. For instance, she negotiated the deal between Rihanna and Samsung. Without her, many Roc Nation deals would not have happened. Other artists that Desiree Perez has worked with include Ty Smith, Shakira, and Jana Fleishman. and Follow him

Lime Crime Grants Your Wildest Hair Dreams

Everyone wants to be a unicorn, right? Lime Crime’s new product line can make you one step closer to fulfilling your wildest unicorn dreams! Lime Crime’s new Unicorn Queen Collection showcases products like: highlighters, Diamond Crusher Lip Products, Matte Velvetines, pop on nails, and Unicorn Hair Dye inspired by, you guessed it, unicorns. These products are so vibrant and fun that you can’t help but feel like a magical Unicorn Queen while wearing them.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Collection has many colorful shades in two different formulas- full coverage and tint. The Collection was perfected over three long years by Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere. Both formulas are made to be semi-permanent, fading gradually over time. They also claim to be beautiful, “unicorn worthy” color at every stage of the fading process. The original 32 colors in the line were recommended for previously bleached hair, since the vegan dye itself does not contain harsh chemicals or bleach. However, on October 24th, 4 new shades were introduced for our naturally darker-haired unicorn friends. The new colors are specially formulated for dark, non-bleached hair.

One of the new full coverage colors released is Chestnut, a deep maroon/brown. The second new color released is Squid, a rich purple ink color. Charcoal, a dusty gray, is another full coverage color released. Lastly, Sea Witch, a rich teal, is the last new color introduced for our Brunette friends. These colors with react with your naturally dark locks giving you rich, colorful results- no bleaching required!

Lime Crime is completely vegan and cruelty free, meaning no unicorns were harmed in the making of these products! The natural vegetable dye is entirely composed of the purest vegan ingredients. These ingredients will not damage your hair, unlike other hair dyes can. After using the Unicorn Hair Collection your luscious locks will be feeling as healthy as ever. Be sure to pair your new unicorn hair with other Lime Crime products from the collection! Deep purple Unicorn Dye “Squid” would look amazing paired with vibrant purple Diamond Crusher lip in “Unicorn Queen,” or a neon highlighter from the collection. No doubt this line will have you looking magical in no time.

5 Benefits of Installing Crown Moulding in Your Home

You’ve probably been in a few houses and establishments with crown moulding detailing, but have you ever considered having it in your own home? Since the ‘minimalist’ movement in the 1950s, preferences have switched to a modern and streamlined look. Before you write crown mouldings off without a second glance, let’s take a look at its benefits and use in various types of houses.

From Traditional to Minimalistic


Simple crown moldings work very well in traditional settings. To retain an opulent feel and detailed carvings, regular material choices are plaster and wood. Although there are many more materials you can use these days, the grandeur and splendour from a traditional design (e.g. acanthus or egg-and-dart) is really on another level. If you’re considering a more elaborate design for your space but lack the ceiling height, you should ensure that the wall and crown moulding colour is the same to give the illusion of continuity.

On the other hand, a minimalistic approach for crown mouldings is no less elegant. Focusing on clean lines and a flatter design, this type of crown moulding blends in beautifully in a streamlined surrounding. To ensure that your room looks less cluttered, the crown moulding should be in a matching or neutral shade.

A Great Addition for High Ceilings


If you have a grand foyer or living room, it seems a shame to leave the upper walls bare. The trend for coffered ceilings is recently making a comeback and can be matched beautifully with more elaborate crown mouldings. Room heights of more than 15 feet will greatly benefit from a crown moulding fitting as it helps to furnish the upper walls and lends a majestic air with very little effort.

Suitable for Any Type of Edge and Room Shape

There is an unspoken rule of thumb that 1 feet of ceiling height allows for an addition of 1” of crown moulding. In the case of a 9 foot ceiling, the maximum size for a crown moulding should be 9”. Although that is typically true for a lot of rooms, the size of your crown mouldings is really all up to you.

Due to the emergence of new, flexible materials for crown mouldings, it’s now very possible to create a crown moulding for curves without having to order an expensive custom plaster creation. Since you can always get a perfect edging, you won’t be left hanging with bare spots and exposed walls.

Eliminates Wall and Ceiling Irregularities


It can’t be denied that crown mouldings are a great choice for cover-ups. If you’re left with a bad paint job or uneven plastering, the addition of a crown moulding will effectively hide these spots and provide a new key feature for your upper wall and ceiling. It also helps to provide relief from a single tone wall and accentuates the corners of a space.

Providing an Elegant Finish

A French-inspired style really benefits from the addition of crown mouldings. If adding it your walls and ceilings is inconvenient, the next logical step would be putting the finishing touches on cabinets (especially in the kitchen). Its presence immediately lends an air of Old World elegance. For a lighter feel, you can consider smaller crown moulding with shallow indentations.

There’s really nothing wrong with using more than one type of crown moulding in the same space. To reduce the amount of lines and elaborate details, you can experiment with a curved crown moulding and a flat panel crown moulding. Whichever your combination choice, the end result should be a polished finish that complements the entire design of the space.

If you love the idea of an elegant setting that suits any type of interior (e.g. Contemporary, Traditional, Eclectic), installing crown moulding is definitely the way to go. With so many types of materials and styles in the market these days, it’s more likely that you’ll have a harder time deciding what to use instead of worrying about a lack of choice.

The Innovative Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur that has been successful. Women always find it difficult when it comes to what they should wear during athletics. They do not know if they should be fashionable or that they can be able to afford. The market has had a problem on what to sell on what is fashionable and its function.

The athletic wear was made to rise by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg considerably. They made it look:

  • Fashionable.
  • Functional.
  • Affordable for the customers.

They looked at what the women wanted so that they could start offering it to them. Women’s sportswear was not cheap, and the quality was uncomfortable. It was not easy to put all these things together without them using a lot of finances.

Branding was confusing in the sports fashion industry, and many companies were not able to get women who had their brands. Don Ressler worked with Kate Hudson who became the face of their activewear brand. She created a top consumer’s relation as she was able to communicate with them well in person and also online.

Lack of enough funds at first was a challenge, but Don Ressler and his team were able to make sportswear that was comfortable. It was not easy for the manufacturers to create sportswear readily. The clothes were of high quality and comfortable as Don Ressler had an experience hence its improvement.

Fabletics became famous than their competitors because it was made aware online which made it easy for them to market. A discount pricing system was established. This was to help customers choose and receive clothes at a discount price, free delivery and by purchasing them, they could get reward points.

This system also helped them to generate more income. A good customer experience was established as women had to choose what they needed to wear. In 2017, Fabletics is aiming at expanding their market. They want to start selling sportswear for the more significant women who want to lose weight by exercising, improve and take care of their body shapes.

Women should trust Fabletics as it will continue to give them what they have been looking for, the best athletic wear that is fashionable, functional, comfortable, of high quality and also affordable for them. This will them improve their lives, and it is also a way of giving back to the community.

Don Ressler Continues to Corner the Market

In the market surrounding women’s activewear, there has long been an involuntary caveat in which consumers have been forced to choose between fashion and affordability. As this has been the case for a myriad of years, in 2010, Don Ressler, along with the co-founder of Fabletics, Adam Goldenberg, began taking a closer look at the trends involving the newly flourishing market. Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg quickly realized the potential for growth involving women’s activewear and decided that they would become involved with the market by creating products that were both fashionable and functional, as well as affordable.

Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg both decided to put their heads together to create a visionary new movement within the women’s activewear market. Mr. Don Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg decided to take a radical new approach to the market, where instead of focusing on the rising trends, they decided to seek out the problems associated with the marketing of women’s activewear, and discover what women wanted in their products. Through a series of consumer tests and focus groups, Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg were able to discover that many of the problems with the current activewear products, presented almost universal problems. Many of the products on the market during this time were often times expensive, garish, and ill-fitting. Many of the women in the market for activewear at that time period had trouble piecing together outfits that would fit their needs without costing them a fortune.

Mr. Ressler continued his trend of expanding Fabletics throughout the years, but it was his work with Kate Hudson that would take the company to the next level. When Kate Hudson became the face of the Fabletics brand, Mr. Ressler’s company was able to connect intimately with their target audience; a feat that had been incredibly elusive throughout the history of the market. Kate Hudson’s rapport with the media and her ability to communicate effectively, further allowed the Fabletics brand to establish both an online presence, as well as to build upon their significant grassroots foundation. Recently, Fabletics decided to implement an option in which customers would be able to receive discounts on products by committing to a monthly flat fee; this has further increased the presence of Fabletics in the women’s activewear market. This continued innovation has allowed Fabletics to further set themselves apart from their competition, and Mr. Ressler couldn’t be happier with the rapid success his company has seen.

Russian Money Is Just One Aspect of a Bigger Problem

The Robert Mueller investigation into Russia’s use of Facebook ads to influence the 2016 Presidential election, has not only spotlighted the vulnerability of our election process, but also congress’s reluctance to take steps to something about it. Stemming from the misguided passage of Citizens United by the Supreme Court, both foreign powers and corporate entities have become embolden to spend unlimited and unaccountable amounts of money to sway elections to serve their needs.

Clandestine donations from big corporations and foreign entities undermines the fundamental trust that society has in the political process and erodes the nations belief in democracy. If these highly resourceful and well funded corporations and foreign powers seek to pump money in political process in ways that are not traceable, how can the average citizen not believe that the process is rigged? How can they believe that the process is fair and equal, when these entities, through a flood of money, can drown out one candidate’s voice while championing another.

For years, Republicans have sought to keep the path clear for their big donors to continue channeling money to their candidates and causes. They fight to maintain these paths even though these loopholes are how foreign entities gain access to influence the American political process. They are not, however, going unchallenged.

Democrats have been fighting the good fight for years trying to get money out of politics. Through measures such as the Disclosure Act, the By The People Reform package, and the Get Foreign Money Out of U.S. Elections Act, democrats have been striving for transparency in donations, reduction of big money, and closing loopholes to foreign involvement in American elections. End Citizens United has been an ally to democrats in this fight, supporting candidates and causes nationwide at all levels of government.

End Citizens United was founded with the singular purpose of returning the elective process to the people. It is a political action committee created to rollback the Supreme decision Citizens United. In that decision, the court ruled that corporations and unions can spend unfettered in the political process as longs as said spending is independent. This decision lifts restrictions of corporate spending in elections that goes back to the founding fathers. They saw the harm in allowing unrestricted corporate influence in the political process and by essentially viewing corporations as people, with the same rights and privileges, the Supreme Court has allowed this harm to take hold.

It is the belief of End Citizens United that this decision drastically and negatively effects the democratic process by shifting the power in elections to the wealthy few and for making corruption of the political process much easier. End Citizens United is dedicated to changing this in a number of ways. First and foremost, End Citizens United rallies, supports, and promotes democratic candidates who champion real campaign finance reform and who are dedicated to overturning Citizens United. Those candidates who are under fire from huge corporations and big donors who strive to maintain the status quo will have a partner in End Citizens United.

End Citizens United stays relevant in the struggle engaging the masses where they frequent and by back strong democratic candidates who support the cause. The Pac has a strong presence on social media, through Facebook and Twitter, where they seek to educate and mobilize the public to take action. They are also backing democratic candidates, such as, incumbent Angus King and challenger Doug Jones in the next election just to name a few. The goal is to populate congress with the kind of members who possess the political strength and courage necessary to affect positive change.

Michel Terpin’s Preparedness to Rallying Greatness

Car rallying requires speed and agility; these are two qualities that most rally drivers who have dominated the scene over the years seem to incline to when approached. According to Michel Terpin, this seems not the case, since he confides in his fans that dedication and discipline remain the ultimate factors that have been guiding his career. Ever since he started out as a rally driver, he has won almost all the races he has participated in and seemingly he has never let age catch up with his expertise.

Sporty Background

Michel Terpin comes from a sporty family with his father a retired professional basketball player and his older brother, Rodrigo Terpin, a professional rally driver in Brazil. After a strong conviction from his elder brother, he safely transitioned from an amateur driver into a full-time professional driver. He worked alongside his brother assisting as a navigator from 2002 to 2008, during this period they formed part of the Bull Sertoes team where they competed in the T1 category. Their partnership was one of the most fruitful ones bearing in mind that Michel was still a learner and required more attention. Even as he was learning, he was proof that dedication would ultimately breed perfection.

Winning in Various Sertoes

When he took part in the Sertoes 24th edition for the second time, he was already sharpened, and after going through competition, they emerged the 5th best in the team. It was encouragement on their side since they had scooped the 8th position in the previous edition. Managing such a position in the cross country championships was indeed a daunting experience as they had to endure long winding landscapes through the Brazilian terrain. The roads were also in bad shape as they were untypically dusty during hot sunny days and were consequently muddy during the rains. In this case, Michel Terpin has come out as hardened with a taste of what greatness in this sporting activity looks like especially with participation in annual Sertoes rally events. As a promising rally driver, the T1 category of rally drivers will become one of the most competitive types with a host of experienced drivers.