Upolu Is A Hidden Treasure In The South Pacific And Fagali’I Airport Is The Key To Unlocking It

While planning your next vacation, you may be thinking about a holiday in the South Pacific. This can be a great idea, the sand, the surf, the crystal clear water. The Samoan islands are especially a paradise on earth. The Samoan Archipelago is still highly unspoiled, with small communities of indigenous locals, massive areas of untouched forest, and beaches that are as pure as nature intended. Don’t be fooled though, there are large cities and all of the modern conveniences that you want when traveling.

One of the best choices for your vacation is the island of Upolu, which is the smaller of the two largest islands that make up Samoa. The island’s largest city is Apia, which sits along the northern coast. Here you will find the majority of the major attractions according to yr.no. Some of these include large resort hotels, the mainstream beaches, gourmet dining, museums, and more. One of the most popular attractions is the home of Robert Louis Stevenson. The writer’s massive island mansion and estate have been turned into a museum of his life and works. You can also visit other attractions in the area such as the Samoan Cultural Village nearby.

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On the other side of the island is a collection of small villages and medium-sized townships. At the western end, you will find the village of Fagali’I. Just outside of the village is the Fagali’I Airport. Here is where you will see that just because you are on a tropical island that has been very gently stroked by the hand of modern development, you don’t have to do without modern comforts and conveniences. The Fagali’I airport is essentially an international air hub that has been scaled down to fit the needs of the island. You will find everything here you would expect to find at a larger terminus in cities such as Seattle, Toronto, or Melbourne. Fagali’I is the main arrival and departure point on the island, and the friendly staff and well-maintained facilities are always ready to welcome you to your paradise experience. Service is provided by five airlines for inter-island travel, as well as connection travel to international service via American Samoa and Pago Pago.

When planning your next vacation, consider the beauty and ease of Upolu in Samoa, and remember how convenient it can be to travel in and out of Fagali’I airport. Why get stuck in the tourist traps of the South Pacific, when a real experience is ready to be had on Upolu, the hidden jewel of the Samoan Islands.

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Fortress Investment Group, The Premier of Innovation

From its inceptions as a private equity enterprise, Fortress Investment group has crafted a niche for itself as a trendsetter. The concept is highlighted in its 2007 IPO, during which it was the pioneer large-scale private equity enterprise to go public on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

Currently, the company has diversified its portfolio of global investment and directs in excess of $43 billion worth of assets for more than 1750 investors in permanent capital vehicles, hedge funds and private equity. It adopts a strong risk adjusted returns strategy for its long-term investors. Fortress investment group has its headquarter in New York City and is a source of employment for almost 1000 people.

Three-Dimensional Leadership
At its core is a team of experienced and dedicated principals, including Wes Edens, New York-based Randal Nardone and San Francisco’s Peter Briger.

Fortress Investment Group’s Core Expertise
The group specializes in a wide range of investment portfolio and includes:
• Operations management
• Investing in assets
• Knowledge in certain institutions and companies
• Capital markets
• Acquisition and mergers
Operations management- The company has adapted robust tools for leveraging in its highly intricate investments. Fortress investment group is particularly adept at evaluating the prevailing structural, operation and strategic conditions on the ground in its portfolio management.

Asset-based investments- the company also directs a pool of investment assets through both credit funds and private equity. The deals in a broad range of assets like capital, financial vehicles and real estate that generate long-term flow of cash. The group has a substantial expertise in financing, owning and managing not only physical assets but also financial ones.

Mergers and Acquisitions- Over its long period of existence, Fortress Investment Group has earned its prowess in mergers and acquisitions management through experience. Its team of employees have a resourceful network comprising of management professionals, corporate board members among other corporate stakeholders. This enables them to discharge their duties with utmost efficacy.

In conclusion, the company’s vast history of managing and dealing with portfolio companies has provided it profound institutional knowledge regarding various industries. The company also has employees with sector-specific and international expertise.

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Victoria Doramus’ Long Battle with Drug Addiction

Victoria Doramus is currently a drug addiction recovery expert based in London. She has had a tough life pelted by addiction and at one time almost succumbed to cocaine and Adderall drugs. Victoria’s journey started at the age of 26 in 2011 when she, for the first time, was admitted to a rehabilitation facility in Tuscon, Arizona. After a 45-day stay at the facility, her life began taking a positive turn, and she could independently achieve self-management to her addiction problem.

Her addiction was however persistent, and she got arrested severally. Her main problem during the recovery process was that she was living alone and had no family to support her. Struggling with the recurrent relapses, Victoria Doramus got herself back on track in 2017 when she started visiting a revolutionary addiction recovery facility in Texas. Determined to maintain her drug-free lifestyle, she committed herself to a 12-step program which demanded her discipline and adherence to a programmed lifestyle.

After the grueling program, Victoria Doramus moved to New York to stay with her mother where she worked in several charity organizations in the bid to control herself from slipping back to her former days of addiction. Since then, her most significant hurdle is controlling her addictions to maintain a sober lifestyle. She has since joined various support groups of fellow addiction recovery patients where she also works with other therapists in helping give back to the society.

Currently, Victoria Doramus lives in London where she is currently focused on giving back to her community through programs targeting persons struggling with addictions.

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The Expertise of Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chairman of DAMAC properties which was founded in the year 2002. The objective of establishing this company was to provide luxury real estate that fit the standard of the people living in Dubai and beyond. By offering unique services and properties, the company has gained popularity over the years and has been offered massive projects to work on by people who admire their designs and quality.

Other than DAMAC properties, Hussain Sajwani has shares in other real estate companies such as Nine Elms Property Limited where he owns 80% through DAMAC International Company Limited. Through the same company, he owns majority shares at Mina Al Sultan Qaboos which is a tourism promotion arm. AYKON Maldives Resort is another property that the DAMAC owner possesses solely with affiliations to DICO investments, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles as Chairman, Al Amana Building Material as a majority shareholder and Al Jazeira Services Company SAOG as majority shareholder.

Hussain Sajwani with all these business affiliations could be said to be a billionaire, and through his contribution as Founder and Chairman of DAMAC properties, the company appeared on the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list and was ranked position one. He also appeared in the Forbes rankings of 2018 and was ranked the 4th richest Arab globally to a tune of $4.1 billion net worth. Before venturing into the business world, the DAMAC owner worked at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in the department of finance in 1981. Having come from an entrepreneurial background, it was not long before he set up his first business in the catering sector, a venture that is functioning to date under the name Global Logistics Services.

Dubai.dubizzle.com mentioned that some of the unique and remarkable properties that DAMAC properties have developed include a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods and was under the management of the Trump Organization. From the moment the company was founded, it has managed to develop almost 19,000 apartments and more than 44,000 units. According to Saudi Projects, with the financial stability that the company has gained over the years, it has been listed publicly with its shares being traded on the Dubai Financial Market. In that case, the DAMAC owner has done well for himself and the community as well as he has sponsored one million Arab youths to be offered free training on software development.

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Available Jobs At Sussex Health Care

The United Kingdom is the country where Sussex Healthcare, a nursing home caring for the person with disabilities and the elderly patients. The organization consists of 20 houses with qualified doctors and nurses ready to care. They have specialized in dealing with and treating a wide range of conditions and disorders. The doctors offer a 24 hours service to support patients.

Importance of Working with the Organization

With the Sussex Healthcare organization, their philosophy is to provide quality care services that help the patients and the employees to fulfill their lives goals. The company ensures they offer a conducive environment for operation. It also encourages the support of the staff not only to better their improvement but also provide the highest level of health service of care to the visitors. Sussex healthcare also offers some benefits to their employees like training facilities, uniforms, and overseas nursing programs.

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Available Jobs

There is an excellent opportunity of a chef post to deliver services in the company. The main work is to monitor and implement the menu in the home, ensure that meals are of high quality and standard, ensure that all meals are served on time and ensure that there are enough stocks to provide in the Menu. The requirements are excellent communication skills and a friendly person who is punctual and reliable. The person will enjoy a reasonable agreed salary, paid breaks, and pension.

Quality Dental Nurse
The successful applicant should provide a very high standard of care and maintain a reasonable level of professionalism. To apply the interested individuals are asked to send their CVs to the Sussex Healthcare.

The individual should be of friendly disposition with a warm and caring nature. The person should also have a tremendous domestic experience and good in team management. His or her primary role is to ensure that all the areas are clean.

Home Manager
The final available post is a registered home care manager whose primary purpose is to have good contacts with all departments of Sussex Health Care. The interested individuals should send their applications.

Source: http://www.sussexhealthcare.org/sussex-health-care.html

Mike Bagguley: A Brilliant Financial Mind

To be successful in the financial sector one has to have a series of characteristics. The motivation is one of these characteristics. Another is an attention to detail. Further, it never hurts to be straightforward and as direct as possible. By being ready to make whatever changes the bottom line demands a person is able to ensure the success of their business and overall the success of their career. Such demands are not easy for many people to meet as they can quickly stress out the average person. So in order to be successful in business and as well as finance one has to be ready to make the changes necessary to accompany and understand how to make tough decisions. This type of fortitude is not easy to come by so when companies see an employee with potential they quickly take advantage of the resource they have been given.

This is exactly what Barclays did when they realize what a resource Mike Bagguley could be. The financial institution was seeking a new COO after their former COO, Justin Bull, left the bank in April. They deliberated a bit on who will be the best fit to implement their new strategy and ultimately knew that Mike Bagguley was the man for the job. Their new strategy called for a streamlining their financial institution. They announce the strategy in May 2014. In the implementation of this vision 7,000 positions. This many position account for almost a quarter of their overall employees. This type of change is drastic and it needed a competent and decisive leader in charge of such a change.

Mike Bagguley has been in the financial industry for many years. In that time he has learned the skills necessary to be successful not only as an individual but as a company. He understands the sacrifices necessary for a company to survive in today’s market. His financial savvy was built on over the years but initially had a base in formal education. Mike Bagguley attended the University of Warwick where he graduated with a bachelors in mathematics in 1988. Information about his promotion to COO and other interesting news about Mike Bagguley can be found on his crunchbase profile.


Banker Anil Chaturvedi experience in the banking sector

One of the greatest minds in the banking sector today is Anil Chaturvedi. The India-born banking executive has been in the banking industry for the last four decades. With such experience, he is a reputable guy who can be depended upon to achieve great success in the business sector. He is currently working for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland as the Managing Director. His experience in the banking sector plays a key role in the growth of this bank. The fact that his name appears as the MD of the bank is enough to send investor and clients to the bank. He has a reputation, and many investors trust him.


The trust he earns today has not come easy. He had to work for everything that he has today. From a humble beginning in India to becoming a top banker in the world was never an easy thing. It took passion, hard work and determination to make it in the industry. From his education to his first job, he made sure that he created an impression that would get him started in the right way.


Anil Chaturvedi attended Meerut University where he graduated with a degree in economics. After this degree, he moved to Delhi University where he obtained his MBA. With this education, he was armed with tools to venture into the practical world. His first job was at the State Bank of India. He was working in the development and marketing department of the bank. He performed his role with passion and hard work and in a few years, he had brought a change in the bank. At the end of the fourth year, State Bank of India had made $500 million from his role. After the fourth year, it was time to move to another organization where he would also make an impact.


Anil Chaturvedi moved to ANZ Grindlays Bank where he worked for about two years. He left the bank after creating a business model that would be profitable for the bank in years to come. With that, he was ready to join another banking organization known as Merrill Lynch. At Merrill Lynch, he stayed for 17 years and left with a great record.



Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties Builds A Magnificent Trump International Course Dubai

It is not a new thing for certain names of big people landing in other countries far away from their own. That is seen everywhere today. In most cases, it is a road that is named after a certain key figure to celebrate the person’s contribution to the local people. But there are other projects that take a slightly different direction. A perfect example is the Trump International Course Dubai, a prime development that was built by DAMAC Properties founder Hussain Sajwani.

Who Is Hussain Sajwani?

Hussain Sajwani is a wealthy business magnate in Dubai. His company DAMAC Properties that he started in 1976 has grown to become one of the most competitive real estate development companies in the world today. To date, DAMAC Properties has been able to a total of 8, 890 units that acquire a space of 9, 070, 264 square feet. There are also thousands of other units that are yet to be completed in the course of the next few years.

Because of this thriving business, Hussain Sajwani, the CEO of DAMAC Properties, has been in the limelight for many years. If it is not talking about his DAMAC Properties, which he hardly does, it is attending a closed-door meeting with his long-time friend Donald Trump. The other time you can read or hear about DAMAC Properties’ founder Hussain Sajwani is when giving alms. The most recent exercise is when Hussain Sajwani, the CEO of DAMAC Properties issued a donation of 2 million AED. The donation was a goodwill course to support the Ramadan Campaign that was initiated by UAE’s His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to buy clothes for 1 million needy children.

Arab News says that in his DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani is not alone. It’d be had to run such a big business empire as DAMAC Properties alone. Some of those people who help him handle matters within the business are the Group’s Chief Financial Officer Adil M. Hassan Taqi, Head of Investor and Relations Amr Aboushaban, Operations General Manager Ali Sajwani, and Sales Operations General Manager Ossama Abbas. Others are Commercial Senior Vice President Mohammed Tahaineh, Marketing and Corporate Senior Vice President Niall McLoughlin, and Arunan Thayyil who handles IT as a Vice President among other family members. Twitter: @hussainsajwani

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Graeme Holm – article recap

During a recent interview with Graeme Holm, co-founder of Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd., the financial expert mentioned that Infinity helps clients focus on creating family budgets. The goal is to help clients who need to monitor the amount of money spent on both necessities and entertainment. At Infinity, borrowers are encouraged to pay the lender back in a timely manner. Each client has a personal banker dedicated to helping the person pay back the loan. Keeping focused on family budgets keeps consumers informed about their financial situations. With a strong emphasis on using debit cards instead of credit cards, borrowers can control impulses to overindulge in spending money they cannot afford to lose.


Viewing clients as family members helped the business receive a nomination for the Optus Business Awards 2017. Treating clients as members of the family gives consumers greater confidence in their attempts to achieve financial freedom. Additionally, management often scales back on commissions in preference for charging service-related fees. Founded in 2012, Infinity Group operates in a variety of capacities. The company’s staff members consist of mortgage brokers, financial planners and financial coaches. The staff makes money from commissions, insurance referrals and various fees. Graeme Holm believes that people should stick with their passions and refuse to give up on their goals.


Graeme Holm has worked in the financial services field for approximately 17 years. His credentials encompass the financial sector along with the real estate industry. After working in banks for about 10 years, Graeme Holm longed to break out of the mold. He no longer wanted to sell one type of service or one brand. He was shocked when he found out that the majority of families living in Australia were receiving inferior loans and mortgages. His conviction that people deserve honest, beneficial financial advice led him to co-found Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd., a company that emphasizes financial independence. Rather than amass a quick fortune, his goal was to help Australian families get back on their feet.


Graeme wakes up early every morning. He begins the day with his familiar exercise regime. Next, he reads a book for the next 30 to 60 minutes. Graeme combines his personal to-do list with his work schedule by breaking each category down into 30-minute intervals. Working from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. is a common occurrence in his daily schedule. At the end of a long day, Graeme makes notes about his personal and business plans for the following day. He values collaboration with other industry leaders and looks forward to creating new ideas. Plus, he believes in transforming each concept into a real method that works.


Graeme Holm is a strong believer in actions that transform each day into a new experience. Calling these activities “transformational” actions, Graeme Holm is dedicated to performing all of his pursuits on a daily basis. His philosophy centers on conducting business with honest and moral individuals. Consequently, Graeme immediately avoids anyone who exhibits the slightest trace of dishonesty.

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High Profile Works and People That Vitoria Doramus Got Involved In

While it is not required to be involved with high profile projects or people, it does help with success. One of the reasons that it can be very helpful to be involved in high profile projects is that it can help people get the type of credibility and trust. In the case of Victoria Doramus, she has a lot of high profile projects on her resume. She has also worked with a high profile name such as Peter Berg. She has worked as an assistant to the film and TV director. This has given her a taste of the industry.

Afterwards, she has worked as a ghostwriter on different publications. Among the industries she has written about is the fashion industry. One book she has ghostwritten was Decades: A Century of Fashion. This went into the different styles and trends that have come and gone throughout a century of fashion. Victoria does have a bit of passion when it comes to fashion. She has been passionate enough about fashion to come up with a collection for Tradesy. She has used her influence in order to help people make their choices on what types of outfits they want to buy.

Victoria (@iamvictorialynn) is someone who people might want to listen to when it comes to style. Given that she has spent a lot of her career doing something that is related to fashion, she has gained a lot of insight that can help people on the choices they can make with style. Victoria Doramus has been involved in a lot of creative activities. She has also managed to learn all of the different aspects of marketing. She is able to identify any new trends in business. She is very helpful when it comes to advising businesses on where they can go. Learn more about Victoria’s career history on LinkedIn.

Contact Doramus: @victoriadoramus