Herman Law Back Child Victim Act

The Child Victim Act is being supported by actor Cory Feldman and a US volleyball star named Sarah Power-Barnhard. A group that is pushing hard to have the bill passed in New York is called New Yorkers Against Predators. Feldman hopes to pressures legislators trying to keep the bill off the Senate floor for debate.
This bill would eliminate both civil and criminal statutes of limitations in child sexual abuse cases in New York. It would allow 50 year old cases to be heard. The statue of limitations for most cases have to be file within five years of the crime. Most people have one year to sue an individual unless they belong to a church or a school.

The five year limitation does not begin until a person turns 18 year old. Several versions of the Child Victim Act has been passed in recent years. About 90% of New Yorkers support this bill being passed.

Jeff Herman is a well known advocate and lawyer for victims of sexual abuse, rape, and exploitation. He has represented many men, women, and children in civil cases. In November 2011, Herman won a landmark case for a client that was abused by a Catholic priest named Father Neil Doherty in Miami.

Jeff Herman has provided aggressive and outstanding advocacy for his clients. His firm helps victims develop a support system and helps them find counseling when going through the legal process. Jeff participates in organizations dedicated to preventing child abuse in the community.

In his work he has trained law enforcement officers, witnesses, victims, and attorneys with the National Crime Victim Bar Association. His work has been featured on CNN, and the O’Reilly Factor. He has practiced in New York and Florida. He received a Juris Doctorate from Case Western University of Law.

Herman Law takes on cases of abuse against schools, churches, colleges, camps, hospitals, cruise ships, sports leagues, service industries, spas and foster care.

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Heal N Soothe Promotes a Healthy Body

Heal N Soothe is not a miracle drug nor is it meant to make your pain and inflammation disappear overnight. It is designed to gradually heal your body and to help restore it to its original state which should be free from pain and any other issues They are not magic pills, but they can undo a lot of damage caused by the wear and tear of daily life. Heal N Soothe uses the power of systemic enzymes and natural ingredients that are powerful pain and inflammation fighters.

Heal N Soothe is great for joint pain and arthritis but it also does a lot more. It cleanses the blood, repairs and regenerates injured tissues. It also helps with memory loss and helps the body to recover more quickly from sprains, strains, bruises, and surgeries.

Heal N Soothe does not contain any ingredients from animals and all of the ingredients in the supplements are completely natural. This product contains ingredients that all offer great qualities to the body such as Turmeric, papain, bromelain, rutin, and ginger. Each supplement also contains proteolytic systemic enzymes and citrus bioflavonoids.

These supplements do not offer temporary relief but instead offer healing when taken for a duration of time. They are meant to help repair the body and to help ward off pain and swelling by strengthening the body. It is a product that is meant to be taken daily and does not have the side effects that many pain medications have such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and many other prescription medications.

The ingredients in Heal N Soothe are a powerful combination and have been carefully chosen because they all help to reduce pain and swelling. Some of the ingredients such as proteolytic systemic enzymes actually cleanse the blood, breaks down scar tissue, and boosts functions such as immune, respiratory, and cardiovascular function. Bromelain helps to remove waste and toxic substances from the blood, and Boswellia extract helps to promote healthy blood flow.

This is a product that’s also affordable for most budgets and runs for only about $50 a bottle. One bottle should last about a month, and it can be purchased online at their website or on Amazon.

Heal N Soothe uses Systemic Enzyme Therapy to help everything to work more efficiently and much faster. For example, it is a product that promotes a faster healing time and will even help prevent things like cancer.

In Need of Cosmetic Surgery in Texas? Visit Dr Jennifer Walden

There are very many factors that may lead to the need to have cosmetic surgery. Many people feel the need for one but are afraid of the process failing. However, the residents of Texas are lucky to have an experienced professional in the field.

Dr Jennifer who has been practising medicine for a decade now understands the needs and the fear of her clients. She is keen to listen to the story of her patients and advise them on the best options. She also ensures they do not regret their decision and they are contented with the choice they make. It is clear her work is flawless because her patients leave very many positive reviews on her wall.

One client says that she was very frustrated before she met Dr Walden, she had just had a cosmetic surgery that turned out awful and needed some revision. Dr.Walden changed her tears to joy because of the results she got after the process. She describes Dr Jennifer and her staff as amazing and compassionate. She adds that her breasts are now perfect and better than she expected they would turn out. She highly recommends any person who may be experiencing the same or in need of a new surgery to sign up with Dr Jennifer Walden for results they won’t regret.

Another client mentions that she never writes reviews because she never makes the time, but she had to make an exception. She says that she is 40 years old and have been using Botox on and off, serviced by various surgeons. However, this time she went to Dr Jennifer Walden and from the services she got, she doesn’t plan to go anywhere else ever. She also mentions that her staff are equally amazing. She describes them as friendly and nice.

If you are a resident of Texas and a potential candidate for cosmetic surgery, it may be time to stop reading the reviews and be among the happy people writing the reviews.

Dr Jennifer Walden’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/PlasticSurgeryNYC/

Jeunesse Approaches Longevity Anniversary While Still Developing Life-Changing Products

It was on September 9, 2009, at 9:00 P.M. when Jeunesse was first launched. Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray chose that specific day and time to mark the symbolization of longevity which the number “nine” represents. As Jeunesse approaches its nine-year anniversary, there is still the same vibrant excitement about the many life-changing products being offered. Wendy and Randy wanted to empower people’s lives and enable them to thrive by using the company’s revolutionary youth enhancement products. The cutting-edge platform that the two business partners created after emerging from retirement is now among the fastest-growing privately owned companies in the world.

Customers can find products that are safe and clinically proven effective. Products such as Naära provide customers outstanding opportunities to develop their natural beauty. With the enhancement of ingredients that were clinically tested in a double-blind study, Naära was established as a distinctive product that promotes a more youthful appearance of a person’s skin in as little as four weeks.

Naära has been clinically proven to accomplish:

Because the skin loses 30 percent collagen for every decade a person ages, Jeunesse designed a product that works to restore the natural aging process by enhancing the epidermis and strengthening the elastin beneath the skin. Naära is a completely different product for beautifying skin because it is a drink rather than an application product. It comes in eight superfruit flavors.

Within four short weeks, you will discover skin elasticity and firmness. You will also find that your skin begins to increase a natural flow of hydration and collagen formation will be greatly improved.

Naära is extremely convenient to use since it comes in individual packets being offered in a combination of 15 per purchase which is perfect for when you’re on the go. Naära is part of the Jeunesse unique and creative Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) along with several other outstanding products.



The Accomplished Chris Linkas Shares Investment Strategies

Chris Linkas History & Background

In the field of real estate and investment, there are many who claim they offer the best services and the best benefits. Needless to say, it takes time a trust-building to be able to say that with confidence. In addition, considering how difficult and demanding this field of work can be, and it becomes easier to get a sense of how hard it is to make a name for yourself in this field. While there are many successful investors and businessmen in this area, perhaps few have done so with the amount of respect and admiration as has Chris Linkas. Chris, who has earned his way up to being a prominent and highly-regarded professional in his field of work, is certainly as deserving as anyone for everything that he has accomplished. With that said, to get a better understanding of Chris Linkas and how he has accomplished so much in a relatively short period of time, here is more on some of the things he has taught people that have earned him such a trusted reputation.


Expert Chris Linkas & Financial Advice

As mentioned before, Chris is as much of an expert at what he does as anyone else if not more so. In many ways, Chris is a true master of his craft. With that said, an article by investopedia.com does a great job at illustrating one of the many ways Chris Linkas accomplished so much in his career. The article, which is appropriately titled “5 Advantages of Investing in Your 20s”, goes on to explain the benefits of investing at a young age. Knowing more than most people on this topic, Chris Linkas has made a living helping young adults on ways to invest and build towards the future. Furthermore, the article goes on to explain how much of an advantage it is to save as early as you can. In addition to naming some of those advantages, the article also makes it very clear how important it is to have someone like Chris Linkas to support in those efforts. All in all, Chris Linkas is a very important person to so many people.


The leader of new entrepreneurs, Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a businessman of many titles. He is a very successful executive mentor, small business owner, board executive, investor and public company CEO. His trail of greatness started at The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. He received his bachelors degree in economics and finance in 1981. After getting his roots in the business world, he then went back to The University of Chicago to receive his masters degree in 1991. This was enough for Wakeman to realize he belonged in the business world.


Career of Glen Wakeman

Glen’s first career with General Electric allowed him to live in several countries in Asia, South America and Europe. This tour allowed him to gain several very high positions in the company for their business in these regions. Wakeman showed such business talent that GE appointed him CEO of their company GE Money Latin America where he was able to build a company with garnered $12 billion in assets and over 17,000 employees. He was able to able to create many new partnerships and products, and built over 1000 branches!

This illustrious career has given Wakeman the knowledge and confidence to create his own company which helps many new entrepreneurs get started, teaching them the basics of business and what characteristics are needed to make it in the business world. This was started as Wakeman noticed so many great business ideas from those around him, and realized these people simply needed some guidance to become promising new entrepreneurs.

Glen continues to expand his business ventures, using his LaunchPadToolKit website to lead a new wave of entrepreneurs; being a president of Nova Four, a business providing strategic advice and access to capital for startup companies; and continuing to blog and teach frequently all his great knowledge and insights into the business world. Glen has successfully left his mark in the business world and is continuing to do so leading a new generation of entrepreneurs to take over the scene.

Dr. Mark Holterman deliberates Mariam Global Health.

Dr. Mark Holterman is a kind pediatric doctor and a knowledgeable entrepreneur. Dr. Mark received his medical studies from Yale University where he graduated with credits. After graduating, he started his career journey (https://interview.net/dr-mark-holterman/). Dr. Mark Holterman was a Director of Surgery at the University of Washington. He finished his internship in pediatric operation at the Children’s Hospital of Seattle. When he is not in Hospital, he usually deals with scientific research.

Dr. Mark Holterman founded the Mariam Global Health Fund with aims of exploring the groundbreaking ideas of his buddies and bringing them to life. Majority of Dr. Mark’s work revolves around stem cell and autoimmunity matters. The Mariam Global Health Fund helps people in various places such as the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. Dr. Mark Holterman’s biggest dream is to invest in enterprises that help to develop therapeutic technology on an international level.


The Mariam Global Health Fund principle.

The foundation of Dr. Mark’s business was a brainchild of his experience and the urge to create a difference. For a long time, Dr. Mark Holterman yearned to serve his clients at a private level and dreamt of creating an impact. His innovation attracts investors who have interest in the global healthcare advancement. Mariam Global Health Fund utilizes its attentiveness in technology to treat a tremendous number of patients all over the globe. Consequently, the enterprise is a combination of science and business.

Throughout his active career, Dr. Mark has accumulated a lot of wisdom that is very helpful to him and all his undertakings. Mark treats ideas as if they were his friends. Occasionally, he leaves them and focuses on other thoughts. Later long he may revisit the same plans he left behind sometimes back.


Factors that motivate him.

Mark Holterman’s life majorly revolves around medicine and science. His motivation comes from the excitement that fills him when he looks at the medical photonics and regenerative medicine improvements. He combines his thirst for research and that of entrepreneurship. Mark has a habit of seeking advice from other people, and probably this is the reason behind his productivity.


With Superior Products and Ethics, Waiakea Water has Moved to the Top of the Bottled Water Industry

The best way to build a successful business is from the bottom up; if you build a firm foundation, you will have a stable business. Ryan Emmons, the founder and CEO of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water did just that when he established Waiakea Water at age 22. He entered the bottled water industry with no experience, but, now at 28, he is the owner of one of the world’s most popular ph water companies.

Most bottled water companies are run by those in the Boomer generation, so Ryan, a millennial, has made his decisions and built the Hawaii volcanic water business with his own intuition and perseverance. Not surprisingly, millennials are Waiakea Water main customers, and the slogan: “drink healthy, drink sustainably, and drink ethically” is his foundation and shared with millennials.

Waiakea Water is a refreshing, natural ph-balanced water from a volcanic spring in Hawaii. Waiakea never processes the Hawaii volcanic water, so it has many volcanic water benefits. It is highly alkaline and packed with trace minerals that come from the water flowing over for 14,000 feet inside the volcano.

Ryan Emmons found this natural spring when his family vacationed near there. Ryan leased the volcanic springs for 99 years because he knew then that he wanted pure, high-quality, mineral-infused water for his company. Waiakea’s Hawaii volcanic water is also rich in electrolytes.

During his first year of sales, Ryan sold 2,304 cases, and in 2016, the number of cases rose to 122,400 cases, and, today, the company is valued at over $10 million. Waiakea uses sustainable/recyclable plastic, and in 2018, the company began using a highly-advanced plastic that will completely disintegrate in less than 15 years! The old biodegradable plastic never completely dissolves, so it is harming the planet. Internationally, this new plastic will make a tremendous difference.

The last phrase of the slogan is “drink ethically,” and Ryan “Gives Back” to communities in need of fresh water. Together with Pumpaid, Waiakea has donated over 600 million liters of water to rural communities in Africa, and as Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water becomes more successful, Ryan donates more.


Dr. Johanan Rand’s Bioidentical hormone approach

As we grow older, it is essential to maintain proper hormone balance. Along with physical aging, there are many factors that are affected by hormone imbalance. These factors include lack of energy, sudden mood changes, depression, weight again, and even lack of sexual virility. The more drastic factors from major hormonal imbalance can include cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. Women entering their mid-30s will see a steady drop in two major hormone levels: Progesterone and Estrogen. These two hormones drop as much as 25% between the ages of 35 to 50. To help combat against this hormonal change, there are pharmaceuticals in the market that are used to replace these hormones. Some drugs on the market do come with side effects that may have a negative long-term impact on your health. This is due to the means of how these chemicals are manufactured. Dr. Johanan Rand, a Physiatrist and board-certified expert in the field of anti-aging medicine, created a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program to help both men and women combat issues related to aging and hormonal imbalance issues. Dr. Johanan Rand’s approach to hormone replace therapy is to make sure what is being produced or being put into your body is identical to what your body produces. His approach to hormonal imbalance is a safer and healthier approach to the issue. Dr. Johanan Rand’s approach is a tailor-made program that sources the root issues behind his patient’s imbalance issues. Extensive testing is done with each patient, and a program is created to allow for a healthier, and happier life. No detail is omitted from this program. Along with standard hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Johanan Rand’s programs can also include a dietary and supplement program, and a fitness routine. Dr. Rand’s approach to medicine is the way he wants to live life: healthy, natural, and happy.



Shervin Pishevar Warns of Impending Market Meltdown

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most accomplished venture capitalists to come out of Silicon Valley in the last two decades. He has been intimately involved with the creation of such companies as WebOS, Airbnb, Uber and Virgin Hyperloop, the most advanced transportation company on the face of the planet.

Shervin Pishevar has recently been making headlines as a result of a 21-hour tweet storm that he undertook on February 5. One of the themes of his tweets is the increasingly dangerous-looking territory into which the U.S. equity markets are headed. Aside from stocks being at near-record-high valuations, Shervin Pishevar is concerned that fund managers are moving back into esoteric trades as a way both to search for higher returns and to boost their own commissions.

One example that Shervin Pishevar uses to illustrate the dangers of traditional funds and ETFs getting into complex trades in the recent implosion of the XIV volatility index. Pishevar argues that, while such trades are often couched in the language of hedging risk, more often than not, they are really just managers looking to increase their funds’ returns and their own commissions.

Pishevar argues that investors don’t really understand these funds or the forces that drive volatility. This means that funds using a 200-day moving average as a means to forecast future behavior are going to be in for a rude surprise. And Pishevar argues that this is true across many different asset classes, not just esoteric securities like volatility indexes.

He says that the markets are currently experiencing high levels of asset inflation, which has been driven primarily by the extremely cheap money made possible by the Fed’s zero interest-rate policy. This has allowed corporations across the nation to use cheap funds to buy back their own stock, leading to near-historic valuations in stocks. At the same time, bond yields have been crushed by the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing programs.

According to Pishevar, all of this adds up to a turbulent ride for investors into the future. He says that those who are looking for the historic 10 percent returns that the market has generated in the past are dreaming.