Public Education with a Difference-Rocketship education

Regard less of the progress the educational facility has made in the society; the founders believe that Rocketship School is yet to complete their establishment. Rocketship School has founded some ten years ago in a church in San Jose, California. Ever since their inception, the educational facility has been in the learning process of how they can deliver the best education as well as services to the community. Through the years they have been able to learn several things including the following.

  • Personalized Learning begins at home: personalized learning is much more than technology and it is all about getting and understanding the needs of every student as well as their families.
  • Changing the system calls for more demand: Rocketship’s focus is on elementary education. For the educational facility is all about transformation of the public institutions of parallel facilities.
  • Honor the power of parents: Rocketship has a mandate to educate parents on how they can hold their leaders accountable, enable public school to success, as well as demanding for political attention.
  • Proud to be a public school: Rocketship School is a public school which is free.
  • Define your mind set: at Rocketship School, the management has found ways to search for educators who match with the education model of the facility.
  • Never stop learning: since the foundation of Rocketship, the management has been coming up with new ideas to help their students. Recently the facility introduced flex model where the search for an excellent teacher who is guided by three other teachers and a school leader.

Rocketship School is a non-profit educational facility, which was established to mainly serve students and families from low-income regions who do not have access to excellent education. Rocketship can well be described as a public elementary charter school. The educational facility is built on strong values which are not only to educate students but also to motivate communities, involve teachers, as well as endowing parents. Rocketship trusts that they can eradicate the accomplishments gap in their students, teachers a swell as parents’ lifetime. The charter school has its Headquarters in Redwood City, California. It was created in 2007 by John Danner and Preston Smith.


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